Project:Privacy policy


There are no ads or crypto software running on this site. No one is making money or profiting off the site or any pages on the site. All images and text are used for commentary or satirical purposes. The only things that look like ads on this site (the Monday FA Monday satire) are fake and satirical, they aren’t actual ads and don't provide anyone or any site anything.

This website has no association with Intel' or Wikipedia. Satire is covered by Fair Use, and no one makes money off this site.


Anonymous edits log IPs publicly. Although they are currently semi-private on this wiki, we may someday make page histories fully public, with any anonymous IP edits listed, like most wikis do. Like any site, visitor IPs are available to admins of the site.

All IPs, of course, include a rough geolocation (due to ISP location, which is a broad, usually city-level location). Site visitor metadata (geolocation, page hits etc) may be tracked by admins for site improvement purposes. (eg google analytics, cloudflare, custom scripts etc). Visitor metadata may at times be shared with Google or Discord for analytics tracking purposes by admins. (however we never share raw IP with them)

We will however share raw IPs with law enforcement if a legitimate law enforcement request is made for an IP.