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Type: Forum
Founders: William/tables
Frontend Admins: William/tables
Server Admins: William
Writers: Adult people of all genders
State: Defunct
Companies used: Cloudflare, Epik, SpartanHost
Predecessors: Facebook's Incelistan
Successors: disabled-dating.
Prior URLs:
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: (previously, was created by William as a gender inclusive incel, love-shy, and/or NEET forum. It was supposed to be an extension of Facebook's Incelistan, which didn't really work out, as Facebook users were relunctant to leave Facebook. It ended up attracting users from just about everywhere except the r/incels/ ecosystem. It's previous domain name was “”.

The forum became read-only on 08/31/21 and closed a few weeks afterward.

Prominent Users

Moderators Significant users
Tables (admin) Love
nazbol QuantumCatX
Love Icecat7


Mako interviewed four people from the Facebook Incelistan group, and the extremely long piece was translated for the forum[1]

In 2019,, interviewed a few members of the forum.[2]

Refinery29 mentioned the forum as well[3]

BBC doc

BBC three interviewed Matt C. from Facebook's Incelistan but chose screens from[4] (now The program aired on BBC1.


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