Women don’t owe you anything

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Women don’t owe you anything” is a common anti-social, social darwinist, incelerationist utterance used by neoliberal feminists in response to incels pointing out that women are less sexually generous than men.

Given everyone knows no one is entitled to sex, a person who says, “Women don’t owe you anything”, is usually saying three things:

  1. I have no genuine intention to help shy or ugly men get laid
  2. Society has no genuine intention to help men shy or ugly men get laid
  3. And this is just

Reason why this phrase is mean-spirited[edit]

Incels already know society does not want to help them, so the phrase feels like rubbing the problem in incels faces. Someone proclaiming their unwillingness to help feels bad in general.

Moreover, this is essentially hypocritical because most feminists will insist that society provide for any want or need that women have. Some examples include free housing, food, undeserved hiring and promotion, protection when walking around at 2 A.M., and so on.

Example of common hidden statement using the phrase[edit]

  • incel: “Once online dating become ubiquitous, less than 20% of men will have a partner”
  • feminist: “Women don’t owe you anything”

(this exchange happens a lot btw self-described incels and feminists)

Implied meaning from feminist in that context: “In that situation 80%+ of the men would be unworthy of women, and that would be just”


SlateStarCodex response to this phrase[edit]

He asked – I’m paraphrasing here – why haven’t things worked out for me? I’m hard-working, I’ve never missed a day of work until now, I’ve always given a hundred and ten percent. And meanwhile, I see all these rich white guys (“no offense, doctor,” he added, clearly overestimating the salary of a medical resident) who kind of coast through school, coast into college, end up with 9 – 4 desk jobs working for a friend of their father’s with excellent salaries and benefits, and if they need to miss a couple of days of work, whether it’s for a hospitalization or just to go on a cruise, nobody questions it one way or the other. I’m a harder worker than they are, he said – and I believed him – so how is that fair?

And of course, like most of the people I deal with at my job, there’s no good answer except maybe restructuring society from the ground up, so I gave him some platitudes about how it’s not his fault, told him about all the social services available to him, and gave him a pill to treat a biochemical condition almost completely orthogonal to his real problem.

And I’m still not sure what a good response to his question would have been. But later that night I was browsing the Internet and I was reminded of what the worse response humanly possible. It would go something like:

“You keep whining about how ‘unfair’ it is that you can’t get a good job. ‘But I’m such a hard worker.’ No, actual hard workers don’t feel like they’re entitled to other people’s money just because they ask nicely.”
Such a response would be so antisocial and unjust that it could only possibly come from the social justice [warrior] movement.

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