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Type: Website
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Unknown
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Anons
State: Active
Companies used to access: Amazon AWS, Amazon Registrar, Inc.
Predecessor sites: wizardchan.org
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: wizardchan.net, wizchan.org
URL: wizchan.org

Wizchan.org is a website that only allows virgins who are older than 30. It is a successor forum to Wizardchan.org. The last admin of Wizardchan.org was the first admin of Wizchan.org.

A 'wizard' in the incelosphere refers to a joke which describes how an adult male virgin transforms into a wizard with magical powers after age 30.

Lore Wiki[edit]

Wizchan had one of the first incel wikis at lore.wizchan.org, which started in 2017, but is now offline.

Hostility to incels[edit]

Though still part of the incelosphere, the forum is hostile to self-described incels. The forum was mainly defined by it's role in various e-drama like Gamergate, and therefore is more filled with culture-warriors and astroturfers rather than actual incels. This moderation team in particular are also hostile to self-described incels, filtering all mention of the word incel to crab.




Wizardchan was a website created by someone named "Mr. Pacific".[1] The most famous admin of Wizardchan was Fredrick Brennan aka "hotwheels" or "Copypaste", who later went on to create 8chan. Wizardchan was started as a copy of 4chan and 2chan bulletin board software, except designed only for adult virgins.

Gamergate and Zoe[edit]

Unfortately most of the documented history about Wizardchan revolves around toxic flame wars, and doesn't delve much into more ineresting topics about involuntary celibacy. Wizardchan is notable among cultural critics for being a central drama hotspot of gamergate, a controversy surrounding a woman named Zoe allegedly cheating on her boyfriend and sleeping with multiple game industry people, including her boss, to get her game greenlit, promoted, and well reviewed. Accusations are that wizchan users or Zoe herself (allegedly) put threatening messages on the board directed to Zoe. Gamers made the story of gamergate to be about the gaming industry being corrupt and the entire industry bending at will to things as minor as a borderline woman offering sex. The media made it about gamers not wanting strong female video game protagonists, as if Zoe's game, “Depression Quest”, would have been an asset to humanity.

Also, some gamergaters did see themselves as reasserting masculinity back into gaming.

Honestly, IncelWiki doesn't have time to document this autism, which is documented to death elsewhere.


See also: Incelophilia

At one point, Copypaste became the sole admin of Wizardchan.[1] The second admin of Wizardchan was the eventual creator of 8chan, a paraplegic dwarf named copypasta or "Hotwheels", real name Fredrick Brennan. He eventually got laid by a weeaboo with a fetish for disability. It was later revealed she was abusing him.[2]

Fredrick Brennan would sometimes tacitly defend gamergaters, and once wrote an op-ed for a neo-nazi website defending eugenics of the disabled. Fred now dislikes speaking of this portion of his life, and has publicly expressed some remorse for the way he initially ran another site with similar culture warriors called 8chan.

Wizardchan had a rule that no one can post on it if one is not a virgin, which implies a non-virgin cannot hold any power within it. Therefore, after Copypaste lost his virginity, he gave in 2013 the adminship of the site to his co-admin, Glaive; Copypaste then asked Glaive to ban him, which Glaive reluctantly did. This was revealed through the leak of an IRC conversation[3] which one could access on an URL on 8chan,[4] the website of which Copypaste was the admin and creator at the time.

Anachronos/Archmage Anachronos[edit]

Anachronos was the alleged admin owner of Wizardchan after Mr. Pacific's departure. One thing is sure: it is Anachronos who paid the costs of the server. One day, at the end of 2014, Wizardchan shut down, and no one was able ton contact Anachronos; it is possible Anachronos roped. Thus began the migration of the Wizardchan users to Wizchan and various imageboards.


When Wizardchan went offline in 2014,[5] its moderators and its admin Glaive created Wizchan.

Some of Wizardchan's users created other websites with the same imageboard style as Wizardchan, such as MagicChan[6] WarlockChan,[7] or MerlinChan,[8] to replace Wizardchan. The /wizchan/,[9] /wizard/,[10] /wiz/,[11] boards on 8chan were also created by users at that time (or they may have already existed before Wizardchan went down). To this day, only Wizchan remains. It is possible Wizardchan closed due to unwanted attention brought by GamerGate.


Wizchan has its own vocabulary which is not used or is rarely used anywhere else on the internet. Before its closing, Wizardchan also did.

  • 3DP: for "3D pigs", designates women
  • Normalfilth: equivalend to normies
  • Chad and '-chad': "Chad" is used as a grave insult, not a compliment; -chad is used as a derogatory suffix (e.g. 4chad for 4chan)
  • Crab: pejorative term for "incel"


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