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William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson (commonly abbreviated Masters and Johnson) were human sexuality researchers who, like Alfred Kinsey, sought to relieve society and individuals of sexual neuroses. They accomplished this through detailed research on human sexuality. Masters and Johnson's advocated hands-on professional therapy for those who experience sexual dysfunction. Their work inspired later professional organizations who service those experiencing incel.

Hands on sexual learning[edit]

According to Masters and Johnson, humans can only learn about sexual intimacy experientially.[1]

Incel related research[edit]

Inside the vast array of sexuality research the two performed, it occasionally delves into causes of involuntary sexual abstinence. A section of Kinsey's 1970 book Human Sexual Inedequacy examined incel born from dyspareunia.

Kinsey's pioneering work was experimental and invasive. He once required students to divulge their sexual history to him, and also facilitated therapeutic sexual intercourse among those in sexual partnerships for the purposes of trying to rid their sexual neuroses ("sexual surrogacy").[2] The, International Professional Surrogates Association extended this practice of hands-on sex therapy to single men and women as well.

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William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson

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