Warren Farrell

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Warren Farrell
Name: Farrell, Warren
Birth: June 26, 1943
Job: Author, Activist
Ethnicity: white

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Warren Farrell is a neoliberal, feminist MRA best known for being the virtual founder of the modern Men's Rights Activist Movement. Although Warren does not prefer the term “men’s rights” preferring “men’s movement” or other terms instead.

Personal life[edit]

Warren Farrell is a member of the Democratic Party, voted for Obama, and has two stepdaughters. He left his wife after he asked her if she would prefer a wealthy, high-status man to a stay at home or equal status man, and was disappointing at her answer about her preferring the former.


Despite being liberal, he fits on the rightish edge of the Democratic Party and in the center of the general American population preferring small government relative to progressive Democrats. His reasons for preferring small government are to eliminate the phenomena of the government replacing husbands in society, escalating single motherhood, and decreasing father involvement in the family.


Warren began his activism as a feminist on the New York City board of the National Organization for Women. He is friends with Gloria Steinem and other major feminist figures of the 20th century, but sometimes gets brutally protested nowadays by younger, third-wave feminists.

Besides leading the longest running MRA group, Warren is also known for his famous book, “The Myth of Male Power”. He has also written other books, appeared as a TV representative of the men's movement before it was shoved out of the mainstream, and held workshops to improve male-female gender relations at Planned Parenthood meetings and other organizations.

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