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There is someone for everyone”, is a common normie phrase that implies anyone can get a partner in the right circumstance.

Advocates of this theory may or may not not believe you will find your soulmate, but they do believe they are out there.

Importance of the theory to love-shys[edit]

If the theory is true, it has critical implications for love-shys, in that the issues they commonly suffer, such as social anxiety, subpar physical appearance, and self-isolation, would be far less problematic for women who are truly interested in them. A love-shy man would find such a woman far more welcoming and forgiving, alleviating many of the issues he suffers from.

Unfortunately, due to the issues mentioned, love-shys rarely come across women who are highly compatible with them. Also, as love-shys are not very, if at all, social, their chance of meeting a compatible woman through social groups is constrained.

Truth to the phrase[edit]

Research has shown there is indeed truth to the phrase. There exist women with fetishes for seemingly everything, including: poor, sad, wheelchair bound, nerdy, feminine, weak, and nice men.


Devoteeism, or the fetish of wheelchair-bound men and women has a number of different dedicated internet forums.

These include and

A young female devotee spent over a decade looking at a devotee forum, while desiring wheelchair-bound men and/or women.
Another young female discussing her fetish of men with cerebral palsy on ampdev

In the fetish, the devotee is the person with the fetish for the wheelchair-bound. In devotee forums, you may occasionally see a female devotee.

Sadboi fetish[edit]

Something interesting happened around 2018–2019, when the pejorative, "soft boy", was replaced by the compliment, "sadboi", on social media. This represented females valuing weak men a bit more.


There is now quite common art fetishizing men with depression. The term, "boi", also implies femininity, as "boi" is a genre of tomboy pornography.

Female doms[edit]

Due to the fact that that virtually every female enjoys male sexual domination, and there exist a large amount of men who don't like to sexually dominate women, a lot of men find themselves lost and looking for someone sexually compatible with them. Well, for those men, there are some, "female doms", but not many.

A woman on Reddit expressing her desire to sexually dominate her partner

Mommy gfs[edit]

Rumored to exist among women below 500 pounds (unconfirmed)


The thing is the women with these fetishes are unicorns, while the men into these fetishes are not. So there exists a gender imbalance in monogamy where a large pool of men cannot access these unicorns.

Genetic engineering or polyandry are potential solutions.


Phrase as cherrypicking[edit]

Many social-darwinian, genetically determinist, and lookist incels on will criticize the phrase as completely inaccurate, and claim that most or all malecels are totally deselected by all women by virtue of their genetics. Being tradcon, they also tend to worship monogamy. Consequently, even though they acknowledge female unicorns who sexually desire incelly men, the monogamy they want conserved will continue preventing these unicorns from being evenly distributed among the broader pool of incels.

Phrase as lazy[edit]

Love-shys may criticize the phrase, "there is someone for everyone", as being a verbal excuse normies use to not pair people up. Indeed, people who use the phrase may say it because they want to give a quick verbal placation rather than solve someone's dating issue in a more concrete way (such as arranged dating). Ultimately, a person who finds himself love-shy or incel with little or no relationship experience will need to perform a large amount of searching before discovering women who are remotely compatible. This is an especially daunting task for some love-shys who lack energy due their mentally stressful issues.

Phrase as insulting[edit]

Love-shys rarely come across women who are highly compatible with them, so the phrase can feel like rubbing the problem in their face. As love-shys are not very, if at all, social, their chance of meeting a compatible woman through social groups is constrained.

Many people are love-shy or incel also because they are poorcel NEETs, in which case they cannot afford to relocate to a place they would perform better in dating, and cannot afford even a much cheaper country. The phrase, “there is someone for everyone”, is kind of like saying to a starving person in Africa with no chances of relocating, “But there’s food in America!”.

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