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The Wall or agepill refers to the fact that people eventually become milkmired in terms of conventional beauty. Aging is a process in which the body loses health and functionality, and comes closer to death (eternal unconsciousness).

Women's attractiveness declines faster than men as they age, but milfs remain attractive to young men on dating apps.

Sex differences in aging[edit]

Desirability of men and women online by age.[1]

Even though women live longer, their physical attractiveness declines faster than men's.

Contrary to women, older men can compensate for their age by status and wealth, e.g. Donald Trump is born 1946 while his part-time, monogamous escort is more than 20 years younger, in fact men's dating desirability peaks a lot later than women's (see figure).

Milfs do quite well[edit]

Men below age 30 prefer milfs according to an OkCupid blog

A milf is a woman who is between her late 30s and late 50s, and milf porn is among the most consumed pornography by men in general. Due to men's abundance of sexual demand older can still remain entirely passive and find many suitors.

Young men who use dating apps, in general, also find women in their 40s and 50s to be sexually attractive.

Okcupid, for example, found evidence that men on their platform age 30 and below may prefer women who are in their 40s and 50s.[2]


The older you get, the faster time goes by. The older you get as an incel, the more missed important youthful experiences you have. Other people are going to college parties, getting married, and having kids while you [decay]. The older you get, the more your body begins to fall apart from the inside after the age of 25. The older you get, the uglier the women your age get and a younger woman will find you creepy if you try anything. Eventually you’ll become a lonely old fart with no experiences to reflect on before you know it.

Anti-Aging Looksmaxxing[edit]

PSL users try to fight aging with methods like Red Light Therapy, Retin-A and sunscreen. Older users have also undergone wrinkle fillers or fat grafting, botox and nasolabial fat removal. Another age-related issue is balding and is fought through finasteride or dutasteride.


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