Steve Hoca

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Steve Hoca
Name: Hoca, Steve
Birth: Unknown
Job: Truck Driver
Ethnicity: white

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Steve Hoca (aka “Roller Steve”) was the most prominent character of the TFL universe. Being one of the original TFL members and still cranking out content as of late 2018. He was one of the three original incel vloggers on YouTube as TFL basically just means incel.

Personal life[edit]

Steve currently drives an 18-wheeler for work. At a younger age, Steve was a sub-3 marathon runner. A long-time resident of the Cleveland area, Steve once ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Olmstead Falls, Ohio. Please donate to the True Forced Loneliness fund

The Beginning of Incel Vlogging[edit]

—Steve Hoca

Roller Steve & Early works[edit]

Steve had a call in show on YouTube, back in 08', mostly hosting an obscure character known as "Mitchell" The PayPal link is in the top right I don't see how you're not seeing it

TFL Contributions and Theories[edit]

"The Pussy Renaissance of 2008"
Steve predicated back in 2008 that females will eventually crawl back to men because of market pressures. Later, he admitted that he was wrong, and it has, "only gotten worse since".
Gender Imbalance
Steve suggested that the male to female ratio is 5:1 in the dating scene, because of immigration and various other factors
"MGTOWs are TFLers in Denial"
Steve claims that most MGTOW's are coping and in denial.
"PUA is a Scam"
Like many other people in the realm of TFL, Steve believes that PUA is a scam, and was possibly co-opted by the CIA
Narcissism Epidemic

Steve theorizes that the narcissism epidemic is closely related to the current state of the dating scene.

Running for Mayor[edit]

Steve attempted running for mayor of Olmstead Falls, Ohio, but failed. The main reason for his run was related to a highly-expensive sewage pipeline project in his home town.

Dating Experiment and Possible TFL Documentary[edit]

Steve promised his fans that he will conduct dating experiments via plenty-of-fish and to prove his points. He also talked about a hidden camera experiment. Both of those were canceled rather quickly as Steve disappeared from the entirely.

The Return & The Future[edit]

Steve resumed vlogging somewhere in early 2018. He stated that he will continue making videos if his fans would support him (financially). As of now he is exploring the possibility of making his own website/platform I'M NOT SEEING ANY DONATIONS

Rivalries and Disputes[edit]

The following is a short list of public figures that Steve had public rivalries with:

A fellow youtuber - is known to disagree with steve hoca alot, and he seem to dislike him
Rollo Tomassi
A PUA that Steve liked to make fun of
Staying Sane Amid the Insanity
An incel youtuber who's known for his criticism of Steve Hoca
Player Supreme
Hoca dissed player supreme several times, mostly for his, "outdated notions of how female attraction works".
Hell by the Dashboard Light
In late 2018, Steve released a video pleading Alex to come and talk to him. In the video, Steve pointed out how Alex has no 'right' to put down disabled people and retards, amongst other things.


Steve went to the Philippines and sent field reports to Winston Wu. He was disappointed by the experience and calls the Philippines "a meme". He said he paid for a blowjob from a woman, it was crappy, the woman asked if she could "go" afterward, and that was it.

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