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A standardcel or hicel is someone whose volceldom can be attributed to being too picky, i.e. having too high standards.

In the incelosphere such a person is typically called a volcel, which is the polar opposite of an involuntary celibate. “Standardcel” is synonymous with “hicel” which stands for “high-standards celibate”.


The causes of hicel are much debated, and the topic runs parallel to the mainstream discussion about standards. In the mainstream parlance, media and pornography are often blamed for attuning individuals to unrealistic standards. Television usually features very good-looking people with few unattractive social shortcomings. This in turn influences society, and elevates looks and personality requirements in both men and women.

Female quality[edit]

Standardcels are single because females lack quality. They are the most oppressed group in society, hated by normies for being “incel”, hated by incels for being “not incel”, hated by all kinds of degenerates for not wanting to give up on ideals, for being too good for this world, too pure.

Male media consumption[edit]

Love-shys and incel people, especially those with below-average social exposure, may develop standards that are more strongly tied to media than reality. Warren Farrell often uses this talking line, and describes too many men as being obsessed with women who have won the, “genetic lottery”, in his words. Warren also advocates against male porn watching.

Indeed, a male love-shy often watches many romantic movies and may become attracted to girls with movie-star looks, and thus may not be interested in or ignore IOIs from regular women that he comes across. He may then think that this is a result of naturally high preferences, when it is instead due to psychological conditioning.


Alternatively, the accessible pool of partners may be genuinely incompatible with the love-shy or incel's personality. He or she may be capable of dating them, but not to a level of satisfaction deemed necessary. For instance, a love-shy man may desire a nerdy girl, and find that there are some available, but they are also heavily into drinking and partying, which he wants no part of. His refusal to interact and date with such girls could make him hicel, though some would disagree.

Conflation with a minimal level of standards[edit]

The, “butthurt basement dweller”, is a negative, anti-male, and often bigoted stereotype that can apply to hicels.

All incels are accused of being hicel at some point. Often, when mentioning their datelessness to noncels or others, they are implored to lower their standards, regardless of where their standards currently lie. A person with standards at or below that which he or she can attain is merely incel, not hicel. However, since there is disagreement over what an incel person can attain, even within the incel community (see: looks/personality controversy), objectively determining whether one's standards are reasonable or not can be difficult.


Whether hicel is justifiable or not is disputed, as is the point where standards become “excessive.” If one demands that a partner have movie-star looks, or matches their interests perfectly, then they could be said to have unreasonable standards, but beyond that point the discussion becomes increasingly controversial. Accusations of hicel can be used as a smear, often by low-standards incel's toward love-shys or, more commonly, against females.

Men settle, Women enact standards[edit]

Talk of high or low or standards is completely different than the way most men view dating to begin with. Men most of the time are willing to be with whatever woman is willing to settle for them. That's all most men are looking for, a woman that wants to settle for them and be willing to accept their flaws and for this man a man will literally sacrifice his life or work himself to death in order to support a part-time, monogamous escort and family. Women probably have trouble understanding this because settling is a pejorative to most women, but that is the GOAL most men endeavor towards. The way men date is a woman's worst nightmare.

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