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A thincel is someone who is so thin that is has resulted in them being on the inceldom spectrum. Cybercels in the incelosphere will usually call them a volcel unless he/she has made active attempts to bulk up. As such, among incelospherians, the only legitimate thincel is one who has an abnormally high metabolism.

Poor diet[edit]

While people do tend to vary in their baseline energy expenditure, people's appetites tend to highly correspond with their energetic needs. For example, muscle tissue is very metabolically expensive compared to fat tissue so muscular men tend to have much "higher metabolisms" on average despite their bulk. So most people with higher metabolisms would simply naturally eat more to compensate, making this not the main cause of thinceldom. Having an abnormally high metabolism would result in a constant high fever from excess heat production, making it potentially life-threatening. People who claim to have high metabolisms actually typically just have poor diets and low appetites. They typically eat little, eat sporadically, and are not eating adequate amounts of protein. This kind of diet can often result in a very unaesthetic "skinnyfat" physique where one is weak and lacks muscle but has proportionately high fat storage, particularly around the stomach.

Someone could become more than by taking more energy than expended, and eating more nourishing foods such as eggs, rice, meat and beans. For some this doesn't work, and find success instead in consuming calorically dense but unsatiating foods to increase one's energy intake. Foods that are high in protein, high in fibre, high in volume, and low in energy density (calories) are typically more satiating.[1] It follows from this that eating food that is high in energy density, low in volume, low in fibre and perhaps lower in protein (though protein is important to spare/build muscle) would help one overcome the issue of a meagre appetite.

Continued healthy eating is typically done by consuming foods such as liquid shakes, easy to eat and digest meats (ground meat etc.), eating fruits instead of vegetables, blending vegetables instead of eating them solid, eating lower fibre grains (white rice and bread vs wholegrain), and consuming more flavorsome and varied foods in general (as this is known to stimulate the appetite, which is known as the Buffet Effect).

How to gain weight[edit]

The solution here is simple, take in more energy than you expend, eat more nourishing foods such as eggs, rice, meat and beans and keep eating even if you're not hungry anymore, it is physically impossible for your metabolism to delete energy from existence so no matter how high you think your metabolism is, doing this will allow you to gain weight.


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