Sexual envy

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Sexual envy is the feeling of wishing one had the same sexual success one sees in others..


In male humans, sexual envy is one of the strongest forms of envy. Men who would have no problem hearing about another man's success in his career, or in acquiring possessions, will become envious when they hear about or witness his ability to attract desirable girls, and say that they do not want to hear any more of his bragging, once the topic turns to his sexual conquests.

Side effects[edit]

Sexual envy can be a cause of great division, pooch, and resentment among men. The flip side of the coin of sexual have-nots feeling envious toward sexual haves, is that the haves may look down on the have-nots as losers and hold themselves as superior, particularly if they were natural Chads who never went through a period of inceldom. It was noted:

If a man go to the gym and gets ripped, or gets good grades in school, or makes a bunch of money, the guys around him will probably be happy for him. They assume they can be successful in some walk of life that's just as good as what he's successful in. Or they assume maybe they could even achieve the same accomplishments as him in those same areas if they applied themselves.
If he bangs a hotter girl than they can bang, though, then probably they'll be like, "I don't wanna hear about it." They feel more insecure about their ability to bang such a girl, and it also bothers them more than the other guy's success in other areas of life that they care less about. E.g., let's say he was a successful banker; they might say, "Well, I wouldn't wanna be a banker anyway, even if it pays a lot," but if he bangs some hot girl, they would've wanted to bang that girl too, so their envy will be more intense with regard to that, since lays with attractive, fertile girls tend to be more universally (if not more strongly) desired and valued than other experiences and accomplishments in life.

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