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Sex tents are tents with a primary purpose of camouflaging pre-meditated, outdoor sexual intercourse. They are historically used by rock bands, ghetto prostitutes, music festival attendees, hippies, and other left-wing protesters.

Van Halen[edit]

Rock and roll guitarist Sammy Hagar (and allegedly other members of Van Halen[1]) used sex texts prolificly. Multiple tents were set up by Sammy's crew underneath the relevant stage. During his rock & roll performances, Sammy would have a pick of hundreds of women and choose his favorite, "5 or 6",[2]

While Van Halen was performing a guitar solo, roadies would lead the women to the sex tents underneath the stage.

Sammy would proceed to have sex with the groupies, one after the other, each night. They would have so much sex that their sperm would regularly run out.[3]

Homeless prostitution[edit]

Sex tents have also been used by gangs of prostitutes in public parks.


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