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Name: Diego Joaquín Galante
Birth: unknown
Job: unknown
Ethnicity: Hispanic

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Sergeantincel (real name widely reported as Diego Joaquín Galante,[1] alias Serge/Alexander Ash/Eth/Aleph/Rince/Cerberus/Ankh) was a founder of multiple "blackpilled" incel forums, a founder of a genetic determinist self-image forum, and a founder of a suicide facilitation forum populated by disabled youth. He was also an active co-administrator, co-financier, media representative, co-recruiter, chief blogger, advertiser, and user of his sites from 2017-2021.

Diego had been anonymous for his entire stint adminning incel forums, usually using the alias, 'Sergeantincel' or 'Serge'. Diego's first 'Sergeantincel' account was notable for repeatedly praising and worshipping the spree shooter Elliot Rodger.[2][3]

In late 2021, Gabriel Dance and Megan Twohey authored a 33-page, front page New York Times article which exposed the identity and background of 'SergeantIncel'.[4] The Times article was about suicide facilitation websites Diego and his partner Lamarcus ran.[5] The article tied Diego's suicide facilitation forum to over 500 possible deaths, and over 50[6] deaths have been individually confirmed by the Times as of early 2022. News outlets reported that Diego[7] and the matter of the first NYTimes story are currently under an indefinite government investigation opened by a prosecutor in Uruguay[8] and under watch by INTERPOL.[9][10][11][12]

Reddit accounts and suicidal forum avatars[edit]

Diego's first known community leadership account, "Sergeantincel", in 2017, showed interest in management simulation video games, expressed repeated praise for the serial killer Elliot Rodger, requested a default forum avatar that was 'suicidal' from a photoshop subreddit, and downplayed the seriousness of rape when alcohol is involved.[13][14]

Mere days after Diego requested the photoshop, a user of named, "Nekostance", began using a default forum avi of a suicidal man in his posts. Quite a few users in 2018 would also later use suicidal avatars, including variations on a "default avatar" look. accounts would obsessively repost images of /r/amiugly-posters they deemed "genetically subhuman". A re-occurring mantra of accounts in 2018 was telling forum users to commit suicide, on the "day of the rope", often rhyming "rope" with a lack of "cope".

Full list of sites[edit]

Sites he founded and adminned[edit]

Sites he co-hosted, but didn't actively administrate[edit]

  • wiki dot incels dot info
  • incels dot info
  • incel dot wiki
  • incels dot wiki

Short-lived sites of his[edit]

  • ('Noir' means a genre of fiction defined by moral ambiguity) ('chan' means Japanese imageboard)
  • (Alter-ego website) Webarchive
  • (Omegle clone, with emotional mood identification and greetings)


Diego ran, founded, and was a chief editor of, which still features a piece written by a former, "psychological expert", for a US counterterror coalition in Bucca which primarily oversaw Iraqi political prisoners of the US, named Ken Reidy.[25][26][27] Ken was also a former research assistant for the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE). The blog also featured a podcaster for Light Upon Light named Naama Katz.[28][29] All of Diego's posts on this blog were deleted shortly after the NYTimes expose of Diego and his site SanctionedSuicide.

Diego and "anti-extremist" organizations timeline[edit]

From 2019-2021, Diego tried to portray himself a free-speech advocate who ran a misunderstood violence promoting incel community that censors women and minorities.

August 2019[edit]

Diego first appears on Naama Katz' podcast, with a text summary mentioning a CVE NGO[edit]

The late Jesse Morton (1978-2021)

On August 26, 2019, Diego appeared in a podcast by the "true crime" podcast network Crawlspace, featuring former Los Angeles actress Naama Katz. This podcast advertised a CVE NGO in the show's text summary. This was Diego's second time on the podcast and the 4th episode of the podcast. It was the first podcast to mention the CVE NGO in the text summary.[30][31]

This NGO: Light Upon Light (LuL) was being led primarily by an ex-Jihadist named Jesse Morton. Jesse had been criticized in the past by activists such as AntifashGordon for "laundering extremists" reputations, including the reputations of allegedly non-reformed white nationalists. At some point, "in recent years", Light Upon Light was being "significantly funded" by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security among other unnamed "very respected entities", for unnamed reasons.[32]

Naama Katz did another interview with Diego on July 28, 2020, which also featured a text summary advertising Jesse's organization.[33][34]

November 2020[edit]

Diego announces suicide interventions on incels only, with Jesse Morton and Naama[edit]

Serge asking users not to post contact info in his suicide pact thread

During November 2020, Diego announced he was a part of a "working group" to intervene on suicidal incels, in a video featuring Naama Katz and Jesse Morton.[35] This occurred while Diego was still running SanctionedSuicide, a site where Diego had publicly set up a pinned thread facilitating suicide pacts and shielded user info from outsiders by asking users not to post contact info the thread (or anywhere).[36]

At this point, neither Jesse or Naama seem to have publicly commented on SanctionedSuicide. Much later, the mom of a dead child from SanctionedSuicide complained on Twitter that Naama was initially hiding posts about SantionedSuicide that others posted on her Twitter feed.[37] Naama later addressed the SanctionedSuicide forum by bringing Diego's partner LaMarcus Small onto her podcast to discuss it. During the podcast, LaMarcus had erupted in anger at one of the moms in the podcast asking why he was being blamed for user deaths despite running the site.

Diego, at some point prior to November 2020, probably began working with Jesse Morton personally. Coming up with a new alias, "Alexander Ash", Diego took advantage of contacts he had established earlier from Jesse Morton's social circles, including featuring some of them in his blog, and started participating in friendly interviews with additional CVE organizations.

During December 2020, ICSVE announced a merger with Parallel Networks, Light Upon Light's parent company.[38]

At some unknown time, Diego also co-authored an academic piece with Anne Speckhard of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), Molly Ellenberg from the same organization, and Jesse Morton from Light Upon Light. The article was entitled, Involuntary Celibates’ Experiences of and Grievance over Sexual exclusion and the Potential Threat of Violence Among Those Active in an Online Incel Forum.[39]

January 2021[edit]

Diego's alter-ego "Alexander Ash" authors academia with ICSVE and Jesse[edit]

During January 2021, Diego co-authored an additional academic article, with the same co-authors of the other article, including Diego. However, this one also included Naama Katz and Ken Reidy, and was entitled Asking Incels (Part 1): Assessing the Impacts of COVID-19 Quarantine and Coverage of the Canadian Terrorism Designation on Incel Isolation and Resentment.[40][41]

In late January, Diego J. Galante appeared in a friendly, public conference on his forum, hosted by ICSVE, which featured Diego J. Galante, Naama Katz, David Jones, and Anne Speckard. Onlookers included, "CD", the academic Wiliam Costello, Sara ben, Placido (Dino) Silipigni, the academic Madison Reid, researcher Jillian Hunchak, Researcher Dr. Lisa McConnell, academic Vanja Zdjelar, Humera Khan of Muflehun, and academic Ann-Kathrin Thießen.[42]

At timestamp 12:01:37 of the conference, the onlooker CD said to everyone : "As I’m listening to this session, I can’t help but think whether this is normalizing/excusing/attempting to normalize violent and discriminatory behaviour."

ICSVE distances from Light Upon Light[edit]

Sometime between Jan 28th and April 22nd, the ICSVE page which previously announced the merge between Light Upon Light and ICSVE, added an addendum that the merge never actually occurred and that there is no current relationship between ICSVE and Light Upon Light.[43]

March 2021[edit] protests Diego, stages a walkout and splinters[edit]

Not long afterward, due to the nonsensical nature of what was transpiring Re: Diego and CVE organizations, incel forum members began complaining about what was going on. For example, forum members started copypasting a thread entitled, "Serge Targets Depressives and Legal Radicals in Exchange for Legal Cover", a post which referenced Serge's suicide forum as containing "unnecessary deaths".[44][45][46] Upon reading the copypaste, dozens of users began deleting their accounts,[47] or purposefully tried to get themselves banned. Some users stated that March 2021 marked a spiritual and political end of[48][49] Dozens of active users moved to recently created splinter forums, or left all forums entirely. Serge and his mods main response for days was simply to delete the threads without comment, leading to further complaints from users.[50]


Light Upon Light and Homeland Security Today's silent removal of Diego from their sites[edit]

Diego was abruptly removed from the Light Upon Light's, 'Shapeshifters' page, and with no explanation, a few months before the first NYTimes article on Diego. He was also removed as an author of articles for Homeland Security Today a few months before the NYTimes article. He is still listed as an 'expert' in a Centre for Digital Youth Care report.[51]

December 9th 2021[edit]

NYTimes expose of Lamarcus and Diego[edit]

Front page The New York Times
article on Diego and Lamarcus' sites, "Where the Despairing Learn Ways to Die", December 9th 2021

Site founder "Serge/SergeantIncel", who the authors of a NYTimes article identified as, "Diego Joaquín Galante", was quoted in a NYTimes Daily, as managing, "" and the "largest incel forum on the web".[52]

Diego resigns from his websites[edit]

The NYTimes expose noted Diego made efforts to shield the identities of users who died on his suicide facilitation forum. The deaths included (US law designated) minors. Diego and Lamarcus' full names, city-locations, and backgrounds were subsequently republished in dozens of other media outlets.[53] Diego resigned from his sites and claimed to hand his main "incel" site off to two white nationalists and neo-nazis who had previously tried and failed to acquire Wizchan, who subsequently handed the forum back to Lamarcus Small.

In response to the NYTimes investigation on SanctionedSuicide, Diego acknowledged posting on SanctionedSuicide as "Serge", but, like, "Master", denied being a founder or operator of the site.[54] Podcasts where Diego used the same alias "Serge", to represent his incel sites, contain the same voice he used when journalists cold called him for their podcast after reportedly finding his name in documents tied to both SanctionedSuicide and the incel sites.[55] Additionally, publicly available webarchives show the account labeled "Serge" on SanctionedSuicide was listed as a site administrator in every post and coordinated with "Master" in operation of the site. Additionally, the NYTimes reporters stated in public they gained access to photo/s of "Serge" from sources of their SanctionedSuicide investigation, photo/s which were a match with that of Diego.[56]

Anne Speckhard posted on Twitter, in public, afterward, that a member of ICSVE helped on the NYTimes piece, but didn't specify how.[57]

Naama Katz released an article for Unherd trying to cast doubt on the helpfulness of the site owners names being publicly exposed. Naama's piece tried to emotionally pivot to any possible proud members of sanctionedsuicide,[58] a site where LaMarcus had reportedly discouraged users from joining for recovery. Such proud SanctionedSuicide members did exist, who then circulated her piece on the SanctionedSuicide forum.

December 17th 2021[edit]

Diego appears in public with Jesse again[edit]

On December 17, Diego appeared in an article by Megan Hullander which featured only two interview subjects: Diego and Jesse. In the article, Jesse was speaking to the author almost as if he was a mentor. The piece seemed oblivious to what was in the news, and Diego was quoted that he was in an "odd moment".[59]

The raw text of this interview was dumped without commentary by an user named thislifekillsme on the forum, not unlike how stuff was dumped there in past by Unsaveable and others.

December 21st 2021[edit]

NYTimes follow up detailing law enforcement scrutiny on Diego[edit]

Telemundo covering
Diego J. Galante and his SanctionedSuicide site on December 12th, 2021[60]

On December 21, 2021, a follow up piece to the first NYTimes article mentioned that Diego and Lamarcus resigned from administrator positions on several incel websites they founded.[61] These included and

The follow-up report also stated that an Uruguayan prosecutor launched an indefinite government investigation into the matter of the first NYTimes story. Local Montevideo news stated it would be a tough investigation due to the vague nature of suicide assistance laws.[62] Uruguay INTERPOL was also reported as collecting evidence on the matter of the site and its founders in its Uruguay cybercrimes unit.[63]

Jesse dies randomly same day[edit]

This same day, on the 21st, Jesse Morton died randomly in Florida, many states away from his home in Virginia, at a young age, and seemingly without any debilitating illness as he was Tweeting normally a day before.[64]

Notable petitions to criminally prosecute Diego[edit]

Petition authored by members of US Congress[edit]

Between the first and second NYTimes reports, 7 members of Congress, led by Congresswoman Lori Trahan of Massachusetts, wrote a letter to the Attorney General containing the full names of both website operators, asking what actions Congress could take to allow the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the founders and allow for a criminal prosecution of both men.[65] In 2022, it was reported that Congress plans to further investigate the suicide forum.[66]

News of all of the above was republished in dozens of news outlets, with some choosing to list the full names of the site founders/operators: Diego and Lamarcus.

Petition authored by Carrie Goldberg Law[edit]

Personal injury lawyer Carrie Goldberg posted an open letter to the DOJ naming Diego and Lamarcus and stating that Diego and Lamarcus harmed individuals in the United States.

Alleged hijacking of other sites[edit]

Diego had a significant, multi-year obsession with making his incel forums (born from violence-promoting incels on Reddit) be seen as the, "largest", in the incel forum space. Cybercels have publicly speculated Diego was somewhat responsible for questionable hiijacking of incel communities (like incels dot wiki) and illegal DDOS attacks against incel sites which Diego had personal issues with (like "Blackpill Club").

Personal life and politics[edit]

He was friends with Knajjd and Master.

Family life[edit]

Diego is around 30 and lives with his several siblings, mother, and father in Montevideo Uruguay.[67] Diego's Dad is a widely published academic, lawyer, and public figure in Montevideo.

His dad deleted his political and law blog the day after the New York Times front page story on his son's sites.

Social positions[edit]


Sergeantincel on Twitter described how he considered a primary objective of his sites to be trolling. Not just every form of trolling though, he expressed enjoyment out of, not culture jamming or artwork, but making people angry specifically.

Social conservatism[edit]

The users he allowed on his sites (through selective moderator positions and bans) were also generally on the extremist, radical, violence-advocating end of social conservatism and traditionalism.

On incels[edit]

On a separate note, he used to position himself as something of a chief leader of incels as if it were a movement,[68][69] but as forum concentration grew into his hands in 2020–2021, he accurately claimed instead that incel is a 'life circumstance'.

On violence[edit]

Diego's opinion on CVE

In 2021, he also shitposted on Twitter, expressing that his thought that public homicidal ideation in public is "just a display of edgy personality",[70] diverging quite a bit from some CVE orgs he was involved with the year prior.

He's also very educated and appears to be very intelligent, and thoughtful.


He claims to have invented the whitepill. But the whitepill seemed to be a cover for the fact that he used bans on incels dot wiki to promote blackpill content. Serge wanted to have his cake and eat it too. IE have a 'whitepill' for to use for whitewashing PR, then push genetic determinism/the-blackpill through selective bans back at home.



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