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A romcel is someone who is romantically celibate, i.e. not currently or recently in a long-term romantic relationship, regardless of how sexually active they may be. If someone is completely capable of entering and maintaining a romantic relationship but chooses not to (e.g., because they don't want to be “tied down”),[1] this person could be classified as a voluntary romcel. Those who would like to be romantic but can't would be involuntary romcels.

In Anglo-Saxon countries before the Middle Ages, romceldom was the norm as romance was viewed as a sickness or absurd.[2][3] Group loyalty, religious collectivism, or altruism was more important than segregated love.[4] After all, romance-as-common is only nine centuries old and only emerged in the middle-ages because of a rise in religious individualism.[5] A conscious and collective stated rejection of romance is unusual in modern times, but has been seen, for example in the Weather Underground subculture of the late 20th century.[6]

Types of romcels[edit]

Involuntary romcels[edit]

Involuntary romcels are people who desire a long-term romantic relationship but are incapable of entering/sustaining one, regardless of whether they can or do get laid.


  • Emcels: people (usually women) who can and do engage in casual sex, but are unable to pair bond and sustain relationships, often due to mental issues.
  • Escortcels: guys who can only get laid if they pay for it
  • Certain types of philophobic slayers could be romcel if they have traits that are appealing for one-night, half-drunken flings, but are otherwise unappealing as partners.


  • Most incel people in general fall under this category, namely those who want a long-term relationship and not just sex. See “Do incel people just want sex?”.
  • Demicels: people who need to know someone first before finding them attractive, but do not have the opportunity or the ability to form these bonds for whatever reason
  • Acels: asexual (but non-aromantic) people who are too unattractive to find a romantic partner, or whose asexuality makes it difficult to find one

Voluntary romcels[edit]

Voluntary romcels are people who are capable of having romance but choose not to.

Romcel brutally rejects an emcel


As mentioned before, voluntary romceldom was the norm before the Middle Ages,[7] this following section explores examples of voluntary romceldom during or after the Middle Ages.

John Milton[edit]

The anti-Royalist poet John Milton of the 1600s was argued to be against romance on principle. He was known for calling for the execution of king Charles I of England. Annabel Patterson argues that John Milton saw that Charles I's deloyment of romance proved that romance was, "irretrievably spoiled". George Williamson argues that John Milton simply found romantic texts to be too Cavalier in principle.[8]

The fear that romance reading was morally corrupting underpins Milton’s famous critique

of romance in Eikonoklastes, in which he makes much of the story that Charles I repeated

Pamela’s prayer from Sidney’s Arcadia before his execution.
—Edwina Louise Christie on Milton - Dissimulating romance[9]
George Gissing[edit]

Actual hardline voluntary romcels include the English novelist George Gissing who wrote, "The Nether World", in the late 1800s.[10]

Weather Underground[edit]

The Weather Underground, a militant left-wing group against the Vietnam war:

rejected romantic love as a capitalist hangup and abandoned monogamous sexual relations in favor of orgies and freewheeling partner swapping
—Martin A. Lee on Bill Ayers and crew[11]
Judith Hertog[edit]

Some, like Judith Hertog of the New York Times object to extravagant romance.[12] More moderate voluntary romcels like Quilliam of the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, points out that romance fantasies are bad for women's mental health and advocates tempering romance with, “common sense”.[13]


A subset of voluntary romcels are those against romance on principle. For example, the Japanese incel group Kakuhidou often protests Valentine's Day as simply, “chocolate capitalism”, due to being against chivalry, as chivalry puts men in a slave-position.

Sex having[edit]

  • Love-shunning slayers
  • Horny Aromantics

Non-sex having[edit]

  • Non-horny Aromantics

Romceldom spectrum[edit]

Those who are not on the severe end of the romceldom spectrum may occasionally entertain a friendly kiss. Those on the far end of the spectrum may be against romance entirely.

Those who are not at all on the romcel spectrum are modern normies, tradcons, nymphocels, simps, serial daters, serial monogamists, and the like.


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