Rejection sensitive dysphoria

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Rejection sensitive dysphoria, (RSD) according to layperson psychology, is a side-effect of numerous personality traits like shyness and inattentiveness. Sufferers experience unusual levels of dysphoria after being criticized by someone they respect.

Additionally, sufferers are said to hold themselves to impossibly high standards, and experience unusual dysphoria after not accomplishing them.[1]

RSD and incels[edit]

Many incels have relayed emotional symptoms which overlap with the symptoms of RSD. Rejection sensitivity is likely a primary contributor to inceldom. Incels often have an all-encompassing aversion to flirtation and romantic risk taking.

Famous people with RSD-like symptoms[edit]

"Near", a well known software developer attributed his alleged suicide[2] partly to rejection sensitive dysphoria accompanied by cyber-bullying from the website, "Kiwi Farms".


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