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The redpill is a mating philosophy which states a man can overcome incel through self-confidence and social domination, including behaving like an asshole.


Martial arts movies, Christianity, and the manosphere[edit]

The term 'Redpill' is disproportionately used in religious circles.

The term was first used in the martial arts film The Matrix to refer to a characters realization that his entire world was socially engineered and a lie. Shortly afterward, the term started being grifted by socially conservative, American social circles. Such social circles use the term to imply that they are underdog moral crusaders, and that mainstream society is unaware of (or hiding) what the social circles believe are true, and hiding things the social circles believe are evil.

Those who first grifted the term included Christian communities, as well as manosphere circles. Relevant manosphere circles who first used the term included masculinist circles, pick-up artist circles, "MGTOW" forums.[1] The extreme selfishness seen in the redpill community is partly due to the fact that many original, high-profile proponents of the redpill (such as original MGTOW blogs and RSD Nation) were (and perhaps still are) Ayn Rand fanboys.

Despite the original social circles who grifted the term still using the term, the term 'redpill' further expanded into the MRA scene with the post-2009 influx of social conservatives in the MRA scene. Years later the term would emerge on the large social media network, Reddit, to primarily refer to male sexual strategy.


Republican politician and founder of the largest 'Redpill' forum 'Robert Fisher' resigns from the NH House of Representatives

The first large redpill forum, ""', was founded in 2012 and mostly focused on male sexual strategy. The forum was founded by an American, socially conservative, Republican politician named Robert Fisher, who held a position in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. New Hampshire is an extremely liberal U.S. state and the Republican Party there does not perform well. In 2017, Robert Fisher resigned from the New Hampshire House after several reported comments of his downplaying rape and expressing misogyny were exposed in the press. [2][3]

Despite the initial religious and political usage of the term 'redpill', there now exist usages of the term without as much religious or political baggage.

Similarities between the redpill and the blackpill[edit]

The redpill philosophy (like the blackpill), mainly speaks to the worldview (including neuroses and morals) of social conservatives. Both the redpill and blackpill philosophies believe modern society is trying to hide how promiscuous women are. Both philosophies consider it a, "hidden truth", that modern women don't like being tied down to one person for their entire life.[4] However, contrary to the insinuations of redpillers, this observation about women is a pretty mainstream accepted observation outside conservative circles.[5] The redpill and blackpill obsession with pointing out infidelity is often caused by no more than moral disapproval .

The redpill is also similar to the blackpill in that the philosophy's personal advice is mostly non-cooperative mating advice. Both philosophies prioritize selfish mating through promoting intra-male social and/or physical domination. For redpillers this means outperforming in social skills (i.e. “game”), and for blackpillers this means raping someone or having the face of a bully from a 1950s-themed rockabilly movie.

Beliefs which constitute the philosophy[edit]

  • Self-confidence is the most successful way to get women
  • Females have many options, especially pertaining to casual sex.
  • Women are hypergamous, that is, women always desire to "date up." Redpillers have extended the term hypergamy to mean that women are generally hard to keep satisfied in long-term relationships (especially in the absence of external social controls) due to their fickle nature, as they supposedly are always looking out for what they view as a "better man". Thus, they claim women have a strong tendency to "monkey-branch" when their current relationships go south. They do this by attaching themselves to a man they already had lined up as a potential replacement for their current long-term partner.
  • That females lie about their past sexual experiences. That "women's nature" is generally characterized by deceptiveness, shallowness, materialism, promiscuity, a lack of personality and unfaithfulness. Women that do not possess these traits are claimed to be very rare. As such, some redpillers use the phrase "AWALT" (All Women Are Like That).
  • That any man can get model looking women through shifting to an 'internal locus of control', increasing confidence, and working out. Redpillers promote various sorts of self-improvement (bodybuilding, acquiring wealth, learning new skills) in the "redpillosphere".
  • Even the most “non-primitive” appearing females are slutty.
  • That men and women have different "love styles"/women cannot love in the sense men conceive of it. Redpillers often state that most women only "love" what men can provide for them (whether this is defined as wealth, sexual pleasure, stability, protection and so on) and not for what they innately are. Conversely, men are stated to have a "love style" that less objectifying, conditional and more holistic than women's. In the sense of the love styles conceived of by the ancient Greeks[6] proponents of the redpill frequently claim that women are limited to eros, or sensual love, while men are capable of deeper and more diverse forms of love. This is generally tied up with the general theme of greater male disposability and gynocentrism. This supposed difference in love styles and societal expectations of men and women is often summed up with the phrase: "women are, men must become".
  • That behaving in a seductive, dominant, or outright obnoxious manner is highly attractive to women. Redpillers claim such behavior is often more of a determinate of whether women would have sex with a man than other aspects of men's mate value, such as physical attractiveness, social status, or wealth. A common focus is on behavioral masculinity and confidence in general as the key to seducing women.
  • That society views the majority of men as disposable, often stated to be due to evolutionary reasons as women's reproduction is limited and as such more valued than men's. They claim that this apparent natural human disposition to view men mostly in terms of their economic utility is further heightened by feminism, which is generally portrayed as a veiled ploy by women to gain further power over men beyond what their inherent reproductive resources already grant them. Redpillers typically claim that this tendency towards viewing men as essentially value producing units is particularly strong among women.
  • The 80/20 rule. Redpillers often claim that literally under 20% of men get over 80% of sex or sexual partners. This unequal distribution of sexual success among men is said to be directly linked to, and a result of, female-driven hypergamy.
  • The belief that men are arranged into two broad categories, "alpha" (men they are attracted to) and "beta" (men they only view as providers). Redpillers also believe women can instinctively sense who is 'alpha' or 'beta'. One of the stated objectives of practicing "game" is to behave in ways that will shift women's perceptions of you from being a potential provider to a source of sexual fulfillment (if one's main goal is obtaining casual sex). This is often linked with the largely debunked dual mating strategy idea from evolutionary psychology that women are evolutionarily adapted to seek out agreeable men with resources for long-term relationships and then cuckold these men with dominant, good-looking men when they are ovulating in order to receive both "good genes" from the "alpha" and provision and paternal care from the "beta".
  • Women are generally attracted to anti-social, selfish, aggressive, and amoral men and only desire pro-social, nice, and moral men when they are settling for a "beta-provider" or when society induces them to mate with such men. The extent to which women's attraction to such men is emphasized varies throughout the manosphere's redpilled (and blackpilled) portions. Still, the consensus among redpillers is that women generally prefer assholes over nice guys. Some redpillers assert that women want a man with a balance of dominant and empathetic traits in the concept of a long-term relationship (the so-called "alpha provider").
  • The belief that modern marriage is highly harmful to men owing to no-fault divorce, gynocentric courts, and the presence of strict domestic violence laws (which most argue incentivizes scorned wives to issue false claims against their husbands, though a minority appear to desire male perpetrated domestic violence to be legalized).
    This belief makes many redpillers (particularly MGTOWs, despite their ostensible anti-marriage stance, most only reject post-feminist marriage, which they dub "marriage 2.0") adopt traditionalist conservative beliefs that they believe will 'fix' marriage for men and reduce the social issues that they argue result from women's sexual freedom.
    Other redpillers are opposed to traditional conservatism because they view it as too constraining on men's freedom or because they want to be free to have casual sex.
    Some redpillers argue that a surfeit of "game" or possessing a high sexual market value will make women more subservient and pleasant acting in long-term relationships and less likely to divorce men.
  • The belief that dating is generally a zero-sum game where many men compete for the most attractive women. Thus, it is often necessary to outcompete other men in some visible way to gain sexual access to women. This dog-eat-dog view of the mating market often seems to promote behavior such as acting in an overly obnoxious way and bullying others in an attempt to appear "alpha."

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