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Feminists express their hatred of men.

Radfem is short-hand for radical feminist. One of the main goals of radfems is to incease intra-male social stratification and thereby increase tensions between Chads and incelibates. This way, radfems can continue to saturate society with misandry while appearing to be innocent of its causes. One of the ways they do this is by increasing the prevalence of inceldom in society.

Some may go as far as to self-identify with Anarcha-Feminism.

Radfems often self-identify as, “radfems”. Notable radfem websites include Asherahsgarden.net and thep inkpill.co.

Incelization examples[edit]

The main strategy of the radfem is pretending that everything she/he does has altruistic aims. Examples of ways radfems increase inceldom in society is:

  • Ban sex robots
  • Ban prostitution
    • To make johns incelized
  • Promote female hypergamy
    • To incelize more men
  • Demonize male sexuality

Radfem vs. libfem[edit]

Radfems are more likely to believe in gender essentialism or gender abolition (rather than “pick your gender”), trans-women-as-not-real-women, anti-sex-education, abstinence, puritanism, female separatism, anti-pornography, and anti-BDSM politics. This makes them rather close to run-off-the-mill social conservatives.

Andrea Dworkin[edit]

Andrea Dworkin was the radical feminist du jour. In her most famous book, "Intercourse", Dworkin primarily argues that men create a culture where men think of sex as an exploitative battlefield.[1]

"Blackpilled" "incels", just assert sex is inherently an exploitative battlefield. Blackpillism is a part of rad-feminism, because it play-acts what a radfem (delusionally) thinks most men think like.


Other famous radical feminists include:


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