Racial demographics of incels

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Non-self-identified incels[edit]


Blacks having more sex, but fewer relationships compared to Whites may also be explained by racial differences in life history speed, so the graphs do not necessarily contradict each other. E.g. Blacks also have much higher rates of nonmarital births.[1]


The graphs above suggest a higher rate of inceldom among Asians than most other prominent races in the USA.

Table 2: Never kissed, U.S. college students[2]
Group N Never kissed
(%, 95% CI)
African-American/Black 161 11 (6.2-15.8)
Asian-American 209 28 (21.9-34.1)
Hispanic/Latino 186 9 (4.9-13.1)
European American 330 7 (4.2-9.8)

The surplus of Asian males is surprising as Asian males earn 117% of what White men earn,[3] but this finding agrees with findings among U.S. college students where "being Asian" was the best predictor of never having kissed (see Table 2, on right), and East-Asian men being less masculine, least preferred by women in online dating, and East Asian women engaging the most in outmarriage possibly also because their neoteny is a super stimulus to Whites.

East Asian males also have a slower life history speed (more k-selected),[4] are physically weaker/shorter,[4] and hence may be worse at sports and give off less of a bodyguard role that women find attractive.

Self-identied incels[edit]

Incel forums are often stereotyped as "angry White male" communities, however large polls on incels.co and Braincels showed that only around half of their userbase are/were White.[5] A peer-reviewed study also came to the conclusion that incel forums aren't mostly white.[6]


On Braincels, East and South Asians were overrepresented in context to Reddit's overall racial demographics.

Whites and blacks were actually underrepresented.

Table 1: Demographics of the U.S., Reddit and subreddit r/braincels, %
Race U.S.
Reddit, U.S, Pew Research Reddit, /r/Braincels 2019
N = 288
N = 165
N = 453
N = 1,267
N = 632
White 65 70 73.4 71.2 54.8 52.4
Black 12 7 3.4 5.7 6.4 7.0
Hispanic 15 12 18.0 14.2 5.7 (Latino) 7.0 (Latino)
East Asian 8 11 5.1 8.9 7.3 33.2 10.3 33.8
South Asian/Indian 9.9 9.7
Middle Eastern 5.3 4.3
White-Asian 2.8 3.0
White-Black 2.4 2.7
Other 5.5 3.8


Data from Pew Research in Table 1 suggests that Whites make up 71.1% of Reddit's U.S. userbase, but only 52.4% of Braincels' U.S. members, a difference with a 95% CI of 13-24% points (p < 0.0001). This suggests whites were underrepresented on Braincels given the overall demographics of Reddit.


There is no evidence of Blacks being overrepresented (differences in both tables below are non-significant). Hispanics are underrepresented by 4-11% points (95% CI, p < 0.0001). The "other" races make up 8.9% of Reddit's U.S. userbase, but 33.8% on Braincels.

East and South Asians[edit]

The most overrepresented races seem to be East-Asians and South-Asians, making up around 6% of the U.S. population, but around 20% on Braincels and around 13% on incels.co. These statistics correlate with racial fertility rates being 20% higher in Hispanics (notably Mexicans make up 63% of Hispanics[7]) and 8% lower in Asians when compared to Whites.[8] Caveats which may limit the accuracy of these figures include: Braincels was nearly exclusively male and may suffer other biases different from the mixed-sex Pew Research samples. Latino includes Brazil, but not Spain, and Hispanic vice-versa.


According to a peer-reviewed study, the stereotype that incels.co is mostly white is incorrect.

The paper stated

It is impossible to say whether the majority of Incels.me users are white men, but our data implies that this may be less true than expected. However, there is one major and important difference to other […] communities: The community is more heterogeneous than other […] communities, because users are not united by a common goal, but by a feature that its individuals share, i.e., not being able to engage in social and/or sexual contacts. There is no definite evidence that Incels.me users are predominantly white, contrary to what is often reported about incels.

—Sylvia Jaki, Tom De Smedt, Maja Gwóźdź, Rudresh Panchal, Alexander Rossa, Guy De Pauw[6]

Table 3: Demographics of incels.co (2019)
Race %
White 56.1
Black 8.2
Latino 8.4
Asian 5.4
Indian 5.0
Middle Eastern 8.2
Other 8.8

It is true, however that technically, internal polls show there was a slight majority of whites on incels.co (see table 3). This majority was too slim to be conclusive, and incels.co was a ban evasion of a subreddit on a site that is 70% white, as shown before. Meaning, whites are probably underrepresented as a race, even on incels.co when one takes into account contextual demographics.

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