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r/truerateme is a pseudo-incelospherian subreddit wherein frequenters either rate the attractiveness of others, or post their own selfies for others to rate. Although it does not officially align itself with inceldom, a large proportion of its userbase is somewhere on the inceldom spectrum.

However, it does not explicitly align itself with inceldom and, in fact, incel terminology is banned on the sub. Otherwise, they'd get banned.

Male and female rating guide[edit]

They have a male and female face rating guide that seems like something an incel blackpiller came up with, in that it doesn't use much science to describe how it is the way it is, and is extremely detailed.

The male face rating guide is fairly homo-erotic, in that they buy into the fascial masculinity meme, which is mostly scientifically debunked. Women tend to prefer average and sometimes even slightly feminine faces to hyper-masculine ones.

They claim the rating scale is based on, "classical beauty standards".

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