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r/truecels was one of the first, active, self-identified incel communities on Reddit, and the beginning of a series of forums which now exist at incels.is.

r/truecels origins come from both sluthate.com and love-shy.com. The subreddit was created by someone named OmegaKV on sluthate.com, and his r/trucels username was Bargh9. The subreddit was also administrated by someone named Dante Alighieri on love-shy.com, and whose username on r/trucels was Caamib. Caamib did not appear to have been a sluthate.com user.


The subreddit's logo was a picture of Elliot Rodger's face. Among the first posts was the founder and admin claiming that age of consent laws were, in his words, "moronic".[1]

Administrator "Caamib" pinned a post on the top of the forum blaming feminism and liberals for "making decent, intelligent men sexless". He also claimed that feminism and liberalism was elevating former, "omega" (low-status) males to sexual success through "allowing them to seduce women".


r/truecels was eventually "quarantined" on Reddit, meaning the subreddit was deemed too unhealthy for the public to browse and only logged in members could view the subreddit. Bargh9 and a moderator of r/truecels: BornToBeIncel were banned from Reddit during the quarantine. After r/truecels was banned from Reddit, users moved to r/incels as a ban evasion.


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