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r/incels, was a short lived subreddit that was first active in mid-2016 after the quarantining of r/truecels by Reddit. r/truecels was created around January 2016. A user of Truecels and love-shy.com named Caamib was the first active mod and poster of r/incels, and r/incels was seen partially as a quarantine evasion of r/truecels.

AutisticSubhuman and mooselimbsaretrash became moderators on r/incels after AntiModernistIncel (Caamib) “left” the r/incels mod team to avoid detection of quarantine evasion, but all three are thought to be the same accounts.

r/incels was technically created on 2nd of August, 2013 by BrokeCFO, but was dormant until the r/truecels quarantine. After r/incels was shut down by Reddit for advocacy of violent crime, users moved to incel.life, incels.net, and incels.is.

Other subreddits[edit]

r/Truecels may have been the first active incel subreddit, but others that existed included the most likely inactive /r/ForeverFucked, /r/normielogic and /r/ForeverUnwantedMen.

r/Againsthatesubreddits were active in getting r/truecels quarantined in 2016, so in a round-a-bout way, they are sort of responsible for what is now incels.co.[1] Againsthatesubreddits complained that r/truecels regarded Elliot Rodger as brave and a victim. Some Truecels posters indeed saw Rodger as brave and/or a victim, however they did not comment much on Elliot as a person or genuinely worship him. r/truecels disallowed trying to incite illegal activity such as rape or murder.


BrokeCFO created many many subs just for the purpose of starting them, and did not actually engage in r/incels.

First poster[edit]

Caamib was the only poster on the sub for at least a year and used the name yeathatincelblogger,[2] before becoming a mod as AntiModernistIncel. According to Ryo Hazuki, Caamib more or less started r/incels even if BrokeCFO technically “started” it.[3]

At some point Caamib was banned from r/incels, after which the rules got more strict for a time.


In short, SJWs were mad that r/Truecels, an extremely small forum, allowed calls for the legalization of rape (even though trying to incite illegal rape was banned). So they got it quarantined. r/incels then ramped up in response, and then that was banned and incels.co was created, which now has magnitudes more members than r/Truecels ever had.


  • BrokeCFO (first mod)
  • AntiModernistIncel (second mod, most likely caamib, former r/Truecels poster)
  • AutisticSubhuman (third mod, possibly caamib, got demodded by BrokeCFO for linking to a pro-suicide site in the sidebar)
  • KilledForBeingIncelIncel (fourth mod, former r/Truecels mod, alt of BornToBeIncel)
  • mooselimbsaretrash (fifth mod, most likely caamib)
  • dsar9013 (sixth mod, once banned caamib's alt because he was saying the mod team sucked and then quit modding because qwerty wasn't letting racism fly, alternative story is he got demodded by BrokeCFO for banning people who weren't breaking rules. Was a user later on truecels.org and blackpill.club)
  • qwerty1423 (seventh mod, white, youngish, lean)
  • AmericanGal1996 (eighth mod, female, allegedly doxxed)
  • Azavii (“worshipped” because he banned basically whoever incel people complained about)
  • CarkudoBorschtcel (got married at some point and then divorced, states that women still regard him negatively)
  • BrokenIncelMan
  • dannymason

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