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Type: Forum
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Eurasian Tiger
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Unknown
State: open
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: www.reddit.com/r/hapas

/r/hapas is as a community for half-Asians to discuss ethniceldom, describe hatred of their parents, cultural alienation, and sexual frustration that they believe is the result of their Eurasian, often, Asian-female-White-male (AFWM) parents. It was founded by Eurasian Tiger.

They hate their parents[edit]

They hate the fact that AFWM couples are often fetish-based relationships and therefore don’t last long, that the white man (their father) is a pushover and the Asian woman (their mother) is a hypergamous, lying, shallow, gold digging fetishist.


Despite the fact that many, if not most, posters there are incel, they also direct their hatred at current white male incels who try to date Asians to escape inceldom.

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