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Type: Subreddit
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: OrdonBoy
Server Admins: Reddit
Writers: Trans men
State: Banned
Companies used: Reddit, Markmonitor
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: r/FtmsNeedADaddy
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: reddit.com/r/ftmspunished

r/ftmspunished was a subreddit where adult trans men showed their, "boypussies".

They would list their fetish in their first post, and then wait for a subreddit reader to DM them and sexually humiliate them. It was the only place to find free sex with women, online, from 2018-2022.

The subreddit was banned by Reddit during September 2022. Reddit claimed there was a lack of moderation on the subreddit, and that this justified the ban. Contrary to their claim, there was indeed active moderation on r/ftmspunished.

Fantasies of being an incel[edit]

Many women on the subreddit got sexually aroused at pretending to be an incelish man. Specifically, they found it arousing to be degraded as non-masculine, a catboy, or a shy virgin.

Submissive fetishes[edit]

Most thread creators on the subreddit started by posting a naked photo, and then would ask for any of the following from thread commentators:

  1. Rape roleplay
  2. Male feminization roleplay (women dressing up as catboys etc.)
  3. Impregnantion roleplay
  4. Genital torture
  5. Fisting
  6. Real-life lactation
  7. Wanting to vomit from being gagged by a penis
  8. Housewife roleplay
  9. Clitoris enlargement/pumps
  10. Feedback on their urine or urination
  11. Being put on a leash
  12. Orifice stretching
  13. Being public sexual property to anyone

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