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Type: Forum
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Valestrum
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Unknown
State: Unknown
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: reddit.com/r/NEET

r/NEET is the largest NEET forum on the internet, created on July 10th 2010. It is dual-gender and notable for forbidding incel related topics and incel related memes. As of 2020, it has 22 thousand members.[1]

They prefer the hate-less incel forums and link to the incelswithouthate forum in their sidebar.

Discord controversy[edit]

One of the largest controversies on the subreddit was how to deal with the constant Discord chatroom invite spamming, with the admins resorting to banning most chat room invites. Previously, much drama surrounded a few sociopaths who would spam gore and harass people in the unofficial chat rooms.

A relative tame chatroom from /r/NEET was Joey's chatroom, which was featured in a Vice documentary about incels.

Moderators and admins[edit]

  • u/throwthrowawaytime
  • u/Valestrum

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