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Type: Subreddit
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Ugly Bastard (Discord admin)/ProudMaleFeminist25 (Reddit admin)
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Unknown
State: Unknown
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: reddit.com/r/IncelHumiliation

/r/IncelHumiliation markets itself as a masturbation subreddit and Discord chat room for all sexually-submissive-cels.

In reality, it is primarily an alt-right masturbation subreddit for blackpillers with racial neuroses, beliefs in the debunked Alpha, Beta, Omega theory, and cuck fetishes.

In March, a user of the, "NoFap" subreddit, had issue with the masturbation occurring on /r/IncelHumiliation, and found a way to make the /r/IncelHumiliation subreddit redirect to /r/Nofap.[1] As of now /r/IncelHumiliation is private, meaning the current state of the subreddit is unknown.

Alt-right content[edit]

One of the more anti-black posts disguised as pro-black, and posted by a mod

Certain posts are more political than sexual, aren't meant to be masturbated over, and imply a support for, "Black Lives Matter", is a humiliating, sexual submissive stance.[2] Moderators such as, "BorntoLoseL", seem to encourage and even contribute such content.


The more lighthearted side of /r/IncelHumiliation
(from their Discord)

Common phrases in the subreddit include, "cuck boy", "beta loser", "beta boi", etc., all intented as epithets, and a bit more rarely as compliments.


Quite a few gay and bi blackpillers in their Discord, what a surprise

Many members are genuinely sexually submissive and some have admitted to spending thousands on a, "findom", fetish, or, "financial domination", fetish. Other frequenters include masturbation addicts, gay men, and extreme simps/tradcons who legitimately worship women.

Admins and mods[edit]

  • Ugly Bastard (Discord admin), a troll and JBB obsessive
  • ProudMaleFeminist25, a sketchy (i.e. potentially dishonest) account from a submissive anti-feminist
  • Coomercel9000
  • born2loseL
  • BeelzebubBlossoms
  • LeoR2003
  • avatarpornaway21 (claims to be female, specifically Stacy)
  • nofapiscope



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