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r/ForeverAloneDating is a subreddit of the incelosphere wherein the primary focus is ascending. This is done by encouraging its users to date one another. However, as on all heterosexual dating platforms, most posts by men get ignored and women get all the attention.


Of 38,144 non-deleted posts made by unique users prior to October 2020, 64% were tagged "M4F" (male looking for a female) and 21% were tagged "F4M" (female looking for a male). Other example tags would include "T4R" (trans looking for redditor of unspecified gender) and "M4M", but the analysis here will focus on heterosexual ads.

Posts made by women on average got more karma and more comments than those made by men. The median number of comments for F4M posts was 4, while 80% of M4F posts got no comments at all. (Private messages were not included in the dataset.)

The following chart shows the number of comments (including replies) on posts by the gender of the OP.

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