Project:Mission Statement

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The original, intended Mission Statement of all permutations of this wiki we created on various domains/servers:

  • Provide counter-narratives to false or harmful media narratives about incels
    eg. combatting false narratives such as: “incels love Elliot Rodger”, “incels have been relegated to the fringes of the internet”, “incels are just x worst forum”, “incels are just men” etc
  • Present, “incel”, clinically, as a simple and common life circumstance, rather than a culture, subculture, or belief system
    eg not capitalizing “incel”, also eg writing more articles about dating/sexuality/history than 4chan or blackpill culture
  • Combat the idea that incels have a unified belief system
    eg. presenting multiple contradictory belief systems that incels subscribe to, and not using prescriptive language anywhere on the wiki
  • Provide resources/knowledge to educate people about incels
  • Document incel history
  • Entertain


As an editor, you have freedom to write about just about anything, but please try to abide by our mission statement with respect to what tone or framing is best to avoid. This wiki is hosted/backed-up on multiple servers and has multiple owners across the world.

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