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The price of sex is what women charge for sex. Virtually all women look for something other than sex in return for sex.

Sex prices[edit]

The global average cost of sex is $200.

In the US, sex with a safe, natural-born-citizen usually costs an extortionate $400-$1000 per session. That is, when avoiding dangerous colored women, AIDs, mugging etc. entirely when attempting to have sex. It is rumored sex costs less when willing to risk the aforementioned things, through “back-alley” or “street side” whores.

Thus, to have sex with a safe natural-born-citizen, the cost of a single session of intercourse runs up to a 14 whole days worth of work (for a man earning money at the poverty line).

Cheap countries[edit]

Some countries have prices that aren't extortionate (for a tourist traveling in the country) and include:

  • Bangladesh: $1 to $3 for most type of sex workers.
  • Ivory Coast: $2 per act with Nigerian sex workers.
  • India: $2-$4 for regular prostitute.
  • Mali: $2-$5 for prostitutes.
  • Brazil: $5 in favela brothels.
  • Vietnam: $5 for a short time with a street level and brothel sex workers in small towns.
  • Pakistan: $6 starting price for locals, tourist pay more (how much?)
  • Syria: $7 with the refugees.
  • Venezuela: $10 with the local women
  • Italy - Nigerian highway prostitutes $11 to $15

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