Political make-up of incels

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Incels come from all across the political spectrum.

Most incel forums as of 2021 lean extremely socially conservative or traditionalist in nature, with some forums admins outright stating they think incels are mostly conservative.[1]

However, there are also socially liberal incel forums, and left-wing incel forums.

Are most incels conservatives?[edit]

Most info known about the political make-up of incels was from a few slides from the Twitter feed of Lyman Stonekey from the Institute of Family Studies.

In no year since 1990 were most male celibates polled as conservative in the GSS data, and instead ranged from moderate to extremely liberal.

Unlike male celibates, female celibates became moderately conservative in the late 2010s.


And as far as party affiliation, the data showed that celibate men were steadily becoming less allied with the Republican party since 1990.


Possible explanations[edit]

According to a commenter on Social Anxiety Support, most male celibates aren't moderate or conservative because, "guys who wear pink shirts that read 'vagina power' just aren't attractive to women."[2]


On this wiki, we usually extrapolate most male celibates as incel due to the fact that less than 1% of people are asexual,[3][4] only roughly 4% of singles preferred their singlehood over being in a relationship,[5] about 28% of men are celibate year-over-year,[6] and the Hatfield and Clark experiment which proved the vast majority of men would accept random sexual invitations from strange women.[7]

Forum composition[edit]

Conservative or right-wing forums[edit]

Incels.net and incels.co lean socially conservative and often economically conservative. In fact a pinned post on incels.net falsely proclaimed that all incels were conservative, stating, "We are the new generation of conservatives".[8]

A longtime pinned post on an incel forum with good Google-search-ranking (incels.net) falsely proclaimed that most incels were conservative

r/incels leaned mostly conservative as it was founded by a self-described, "neoreactionary". Most of the Reddit spin-offs of Braincels tended to also be very socially conservative in nature. One of the admins of incels.co, "Master", self-identified as both mildly right-wing and also a heavy Trump and Kanye West supporter. Sergeantincel, another admin from that forum, expressed similar attitudes, and expressed distaste for liberalism on Naama Kates' podcast.

Liberal or left-wing forums[edit]

Other forums such as Incelsupport, Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project, Yourenotalone.info, Yourenotalone.co, vk.com/in_cel, Braincels (before the last half-year of its life), Braincels.org, and Love-shy.net all lean left-wing or liberal instead.


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