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A PSSDcel, or deadcel, undeadcel, or zombiecel, is an unusual type of quasi-incel. "PSSD" stands for "post-SRI sexual dysfunction", or, more archaicly, "post-SSRI sexual dysfunction". "SRI" stands for "serotonin reuptake inhibitor".


PSSD is a permanent and usually-incurable condition that is caused by the consumption of SRI antisexual drugs (SSRIs and SNRIs). The effect of SRI antisexuals is usually reversible, but in a small percentage of cases, it is permanent. The symptoms of PSSD are broader than just sexual symptoms, because they also affect amorous emotions, among other things.


PSSD victims have numb pseudo-orgasms, numb erections or numb vaginal arousal, little physical sexual sensitivity, little lust, and little amorous emotion, due to the SRI-induced damage to their mesolimbic dopamine system, hypothalamic oxytocin system, and lumbar spinal cord. That is caused by the permanent desensitization of the presynaptic 5-ht1a receptors, and postsynaptic 5-ht2a and 5-ht2c receptors, in those areas. A PSSD victim can physically have sex, but it is not much more than "going through the motions".

Consequently, PSSD vics who aren't already in a long-term sexual relationship usually avoid sex, both because of their minimal capacity to enjoy and desire it, and because of the awkwardness that results from that anhedonia. Some PSSD vics are very attractive, and have passed-up sexual overtures even from gigastacies or gigachads for those reasons.


Even when a PSSD vic does decide to have sex, it isn't really sex, in terms of the experience. It is not so much the physical act that defines sex so much as the experience of it. Thus, a person who is given PSSD prior to ever having physical sex will always be a true virgin- a permavirgin, unless and until they are cured.

SuperPSSDcels and asexuality[edit]

PSSD victims usually still have a sex instinct. However, if a person is afflicted with PSSD at a sufficiently young age, ranging from childhood to mid-adolescence, then their sex instinct usually does not develop, such that they become asexuals, in addition to having all of the usual symptoms of PSSD. Such people may be called "superPSSDcels". The earlier the age of PSSD affliction, the more impaired the development of the sex instinct and the related amorous instincts.

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