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An orbiter is a man who hangs around with a girl, especially on social media, in hopes of someday getting in her pants.

Function of the orbiter with regard to the woman[edit]

Girls keep such men around either as backups for whatever man they're with, or as sources of beta bux to complement the alpha fux they get from Chad. Because girls have so many orbiters who give them attention and validation for free, the need for them to have a nice guy as a boyfriend or husband has been greatly diminished, and they feel freer to chase assholes instead, who offer excitement and drama that her loyal, dependable, kind, and gentle orbiters don't.

There is sexual benefit to being in multiple people's orbit[edit]

Research indicates that most relationships are initiated with people one already knows, either a friend or an acquaintance.[1] This may suggest that women sometimes do trade-off trust for sexual attraction or other desirable partner factors when initiating long-term relationships. Women may also prefer to use a long waiting period to test the man's status, social proof, willingness to invest in her, incite male competition for her favors, either directly or indirectly, etc. The contrast between the conclusions of these two studies may also suggest that, while beta-orbiting is a strategy that may indeed "pay-off" for many men if one primarily desires casual sex, it is woefully inefficient for that purpose compared to a low-trust, high-mating effort strategy.

Another explanation for the high rate of relationship initiation in the context of one's social circle may be that many people essentially drift through life passively, seizing whatever mating opportunities they get but essentially going for convenience, "the art of the possible", and the best proximate option than having direct solid control over their mate choices, which results in a natural gap between ideal preferences and actual mate choices.

Types of beta orbiters[edit]

There are several different types of beta orbiters:

The LJBF Beta Orbiter[edit]

The LJBF Beta Orbiter is a man who makes an advance on a woman, who tells him "let's just be friends." The orbiter continues to hang around this woman as a "friend", hoping that she will develop romantic feelings for him.

The Male Feminist[edit]

These men tend to believe they are always at fault if they are rejected and will go neverending rounds of working on themselves around women who clearly don't want them.

The Gay Best Friend[edit]

He does not actually have to be gay to be "the gay best friend." The Gay Best Friend is a man that female view as "one of the girls." He engages in gossip, text messaging, and emoticons. He may or may not have a "crush" on one of his "girlfriends" but the attraction is not reciprocated. Women will spend hours a day texting the Gay Best Friend, while at the same time having sex with an alpha male.

Financial consequences[edit]

There are dire financial consequences to being a beta orbiter. The beta orbiter typically wants to leave this orbiter status. Instead of orbiting her, he wants to be with her. Instead of being on the periphery of romance, beta orbiter wants actual romance. Instead of indirect insinuations by the woman that he will someday be rewarded with sex, beta orbiter wants to actually have sex. Instead of the occasional peck on the cheek, beta orbiter wants a full on snog. Instead of flirty smiles followed by idle trifling, beta orbiter wants flirty smiles to be followed by something tangible.

Whereas the beta orbiter may feel down at not being able to upgrade from the flirtation stage, what compounds this situation is when he is financially involved with this woman, without any enthusiastic reciprocation on her part. The woman in this situation is more logical than the man as she's duping him into buying her things, or doing little favors here and there, while he sees no end benefit from this. His role is similar to a cuckold, as he gives her many of the things a woman wants, such as an ear, validation via praise, and even material gifts, but does he get any of the things a typical man wants in return for that? Such as loyalty, sex, love and affection? nope. he gets none of those. He doesn't even have the status of cuck, since at least a cuck is officially with her. He isn't even official with her, yet is in her vicinity, varying from beta orbiter to beta orbiter in terms of frequency, with the most simp-like beta orbiter spending heaps of time with her, while getting no pussy whatsoever.

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