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Theodore Beale
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Name: Beale, Theodore Robert
Birth: August 21, 1968
Job: blogger, video game designer, science fiction writer
Ethnicity: American Indian

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Theodore Beale aka “Vox Day”, is an e-bully, pathological narcissist, political blogger, video game designer, "libertarian Christian nationalist", techno artist, and science fiction writer. This is a moderate position on Theodore. More harsh critics characterize him as a white supremacist among other things.[1][2]

He is perhaps best known for picking fights with famous people who would otherwise be lumped in with him politically. He became recognized after his 2008 book, The Irrational Atheist, wherein he attempts to debunk claims New Atheists make that Atheism creates a better society. With regards to incels, Theodore is most known for his conceptualization of a single, non-contextual, all-encompassing sociosexual hierarchy for humans, where he puts incel people at or near the bottom. He expresses explicit distaste for low-status men and comes up with outcasting pejoratives for them, not unlike your high school bully.


Theodore is also known for describing the sociosexual hierarchy as particularly fixed and non-contextual.

SJWs and “gammas”[edit]

Theodore is also known for a number of books about Social Justice Warriors, who he insists always lie. One of these books is called, “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police”. His particular area of interest is what he describes as, “Gamma males”, or alpha-subversive, subject expert men who are prone to meltdowns. He describes most male SJWs and many male journalists as Gamma males. He believes that a removal of traditional gender roles has, “gammatized men” who would otherwise be, “wagecucks or better”.

Theodore and Jordan[edit]

He is also known for his book Jordanetics: A Journey into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker, written in 2018. In it, Day repeatedly castigates the famous psychologist and self-help guru Jordan Peterson as a coward and a liar, among other alleged personal failings. The book's central theme is that Peterson's popular 12 Rules book is a multi-layered work in which each of Peterson's rules has a superficial and hidden meaning. Day goes through Peterson's 12 eponymous 12 Rules step by step and details the purported hidden meaning in each of them. Like the gnostic religions and many forms of the occult, Day claims Peterson's book contains overt teachings reserved for the laymen and “hidden” knowledge reserved for the trusted initiates or those gifted enough to be able to discern the subtext.

He compares Peterson repeatedly to the founder of the religion of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, (with the title of Day's book being a play on Hubbard's book Dianetics) and claims that like Hubbard, the ultimate goal of Peterson's 12 Rules and his work in general is to create a universalist religious movement. He alleges that Peterson has a messiah complex and that he views it as his life mission to prevent a “new holocaust” and bring balance to the world via his teachings. Day alleges Peterson is aiming to lead people towards the “middle path” of balance and away from what Peterson considers destructive extremist ideologies, such as ethnonationalism.


He also created the Wiki fork Infogalactic, most known for being perhaps the only project to literally fork all of Wikipedia out of rage. He did this because of liberal bias at Wikipedia, and failure to respect the alphas of Wikipedia. On Infogalactic, mostly what they do is navigate around their wall of text, to make changes to the pages related to conservatism to be more favorable to conservatives.

Day has since created other projects to escape the issue of what he calls “SJW convergence”, where he claims that organizations (especially those that are not explicitly right-wing) are prone to being infiltrated and ultimately dominated by progressive activists who are hostile to anyone who doesn't toe the line ideologically.

Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Lambda, and Omega[edit]

Main article: Sociosexual hierarchy

As mentioned earlier, Theodore asserts humans are organized into a fixed, rigid, and non-contextual sociosexual hierarchy. This hierarchy and the tiers involved that Theodore pulled out his ass has had enormous influence on the manosphere and the incelosphere. He often distinguishes between those who are situationally on the hierarchy or inherently on the hierarchy, implying a genetic basis for position in his hierarchy. However, he mostly considers the positions to be rigid, fixed, and mostly genetic and he claims to not care about pick-up-artist notions of social ranking (even though it's obvious he cribbed from them). He divides the hierarchy, if we are to take this seriously, as follows:

  • Alpha males (CEO etc.) – The decision maker, the leader, who treats people according to how they respect his status. Women are very attracted to him. They are so attracted to him, that women who would be better reserved for mating with lower ranks need to be restrained from his mere presence for a healthy, happy society. Day claims alphas generally view women as objects for their sexual and social gratification.
    • Sigma Males (lone wolf alpha) – A socially aloof, introverted version of the Alpha male. Is effortlessly at the top of the social hierarchy when he can be bothered to engage with it at all. Described as being very competent. Generally has contempt for women. They are claimed to be very attractive to women, very intelligent, and unlike the omega, he generally chooses to avoid social interactions out of disinterest and not rejection. Supposedly prone to hostile social relations with alpha males, as the alphas instinctively perceive the sigma as representing a threat to their social rank. Day presents James Bond as an archetypal example of a sigma. Theodore claims to be a sigma male himself.
  • Beta males (Managers, supervisors etc.) – The lieutenant to the alpha. Socially oblivious, loyal to alphas, privileged and protected by alphas. Popular with women, and generally not as emotionally dismissive towards them as the alphas. Day renamed the beta rank to “Bravo” (from the NATO phonetic alphabet) due to the negative connotations popularly attached to the word “beta”.
  • Delta males (blue collar workers etc.) – Worker bees, your, “average Joe”. The most necessary component of society. They value respect like the alphas. They value their work. Tend to have a naive, idealistic view of women, though they are not as obsequious towards them as the gammas. Not popular with women unless they provide them with ample resources, and thus dependent on social contracts which guarantee them things in exchange for work such as traditional monogamy for happiness.
  • Gamma males (prototypical nerd (or left-wing activist)) – Subject field experts, but subversive to alphas, to gain power to enact revenge on subordinates as a proxy for prior life misfortunes. Habitually dishonest, often SJWs. They are disruptive or trouble-making to organizations, unless hired in a limited capacity as a contractor. More intelligent than the average, but often not as intelligent as they think. Conflict avoidant, capable within their areas of interest, weak, responsibility shifting, and passive aggressive. Prone to meltdowns. Disliked by women to the point of repulsion, as if the gammas are radioactive. Said to alternate between misogynistic loathing and goddess worship of women, particularly women they are romantically interested in. They are hopeless romantics, and prone towards developing “oneitis” syndrome. But as they “play the game”, unlike omegas, they often find a female partner at some point in their lives, though Day claims these relationships will often result in the gamma being emotionally abused and controlled by the woman. There exists a natural animosity between alphas and gammas, as gammas do not respect the Alpha's social rank and sincerely believe they should be alphas, but do not have the skill-set for leading groups. Prone to, “walls of text”, such as literature.
  • Lambda males (homosexuals) – Prone to doing such things as giving blowjobs to men.[3]
  • Omega males (prototypical complete outcast) – The quintessential social reject, and in extreme cases, the school shooter, such as Dylann Roof. Their mere existence upsets women. Not incompetent, but socially handicapped. Few or none male friends, no female acquaintances. Prone to very extreme meltdowns. He references the “stapler guy” in the movie “Office Space”, as the prototypical omega. Day described omegas as either being indifferent to women or prone to hating them with a murderous rage.

Personal life[edit]

His father is the failed businessman, tax protester and felon Robert Beale who tried to elect the Christian Televangelist Pat Robertson president of the United States in the late 80s. His father was sentenced to 11 years in prison for 5 counts of US tax evasion,[4] and failed an appeal.

He claims to be a member of mensa. He once created an 18 button computer mouse called the, “war mouse”. He is (was?) a gold bug and a follower of the Austrian school of economics.


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