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Nunya baznus is an anti-blackpill YouTuber and self-described anti-leftist who maintains that most of the blackpill, and most of the pills in general, are false.


  • Online dating is unrepresentative of women
  • Dating apps encourage unnatural behavior, and thus are not revelatory of genetics
  • Men approaching women is a social construction that can be changed
  • Feminism benefits incels in countries with more men than women, and tradconism creates incel-born terrorism in such countries.[1]
  • To older women, as long as you're fun, energetic, and well built, women don't care what you look like
  • Ru Paul is more masculine than people who seek masculinity coaching, because masculinity is about independence
  • Masculinism is populated by genetic dead ends projecting their effeminate insecurity and impotence on everyone
  • The future belongs to beta males, feminism won, there's no going back, and "alpha" proponents are deluding themselves
  • Masculine pride is destroying men

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