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Nudity is the state of being clothless. It is often viewed as being an affront to modesty if this is done in public. However, what is less known that each person does not necessarily have volition with regards to their level of modesty.



This could more congruently be labelled as "unintentional nudity". That sounds weird right? How could one possibly not have control over their state of clothing? Some obvious examples include poverty. In the poorest parts of the world, the lowest income bracket of people may not be able to afford a decent level of clothing. Even if they do have clothing, they may not be able to afford the finances that go into keeping those clothes hygienic. For example, there are costs related to washing powder, to a washing machine, electricity to keep that washing machine running, etc.


There are also other factors that affect volition related to one's looks, particularly medical conditions. Although having conditions such as macrophallism, or some other type of macrogenitosomia or genital hypertrophy, or indispositions such as hulseyism, or an anomaly such as macromastia does not necessarily constitute nudity, they usually make erogenous zones of the body appear conspicuous, even with clothes on, and as such may produce a similar sense of obnoxiousness for the one witnessing it, especially, if this person is somewhat prudish. Therefore, it may reasonably be claimed that one could theoretically be nude, even if technically, this is not the case.

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