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The various nonsexualities outline the causes behind someone's nonsexuality. This article outlines in alphabetical order the differences between inceldom and other nonsexualities.



  • Abstinence is often influenced by ascetic or stoic-related convictions.
    • Inceldom is not influenced by ascetism and stoicism.
  • Abstinence can include a platonic sense.
    • Inceldom is never platonic.
  • Abstinence is voluntary/intentional.[1]
    • Inceldom is involuntary/unintentional.
  • Sexual abstinence is not not a disability.
    • Inceldom can be a disability in the same way that obesity can be.


  • Asexuality is associated with a lack of libido.[2]
    • Inceldom is unrelated to a lack of libido.


  • Bachelorhood pertains usually to males.[3]
    • Inceldom is gender-neutral.
  • Bachelorhood pertains to marriage.
    • Inceldom pertains to a broader scope than marriage.


  • Celibacy is often associated with religion.[4]
    • Inceldom is not necessarily tied to religion.


  • Wedders who are chaste can still be sexually active.[5]
    • Inceldom implies being sexually inactive.


  • Erotophobia implies sex-negativity or prudishness.[6]
    • Inceldom does not imply sex-negativity or prudishness.


  • Genophobes have an anxiety disorder.[7]
    • Incelibates do not necessarily have an anxiety disorder.


Sex boycottage[edit]

  • Sex strikers and sex boycotters are political activists.[9]
    • Inceldom is not a political activist movement.

Sexual frustration[edit]

  • You can be sexually frustrated plus be sexually active.[10]
    • Inceldom means you are sexually inactive.
  • Sexually frustration typically refers to people in relationships and/or those competent at dating.[11]
    • Inceldom typically refers to people who are single and incompetent at dating.
  • Sexual frustration requires having physical agitation.[12]
    • Inceldom does not require having physical agitation.
  • Sexual frustration is not a disability.
    • Inceldom is at the very least a form of social disability.
  • Sexual frustration is frustration related to the sexual desire or lust.


  • 100% of humans have been a virgin at some point. If you were ever unacquainted with copulation; you were a virgin at that time.[13]
    • Only a small percentage of adult humans experience inceldom.


Although there is some overlap between inceldom and the other nonsexualities posted above, the scope of their definitions are typically either too broad or too narrow to adequately represent people who are living with the circumstances of involuntarily celibacy.