Noncel blackpiller

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A noncel blackpiller is someone who isn't on the inceldom spectrum, but nonetheless believes in most or all of the principles of the blackpill. They just happen to be physically attractive enough that some of the darkest implications of the blackpill (such as incels' becoming genetic dead ends) don't directly affect them. However, they may be impacted by some other AWALT tendencies, such as women' pursuit of an alpha fuxx, beta buxx strategy.

Even Chadlite may be affected adversely by hypergamy, since there is always a higher-status man whom their woman may wish to cheat on them with. Also, since teenage girls often begin having sex before they reach legal adulthood, and are only sexually available to other teenagers, many older Chads are unable to pursue a just be first strategy that would allow for them to have the benefits of pair bonding with a virginal bride. This puts them too at risk of having to deal with infidelity, divorce, and other problems more commonly thought of as problems for betabuxxes.

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