Noble sexual display

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Noble sexual display involves socially acceptable, clean, and non-derivative displays of sexuality. For example, when a woman tastefully presents her breasts or mouth toward a prospective mate.

It's associated with European culture, and proclivity to admire actual sexual organs, which butts are not. The opposite of noble sexual display is callous sexual display

Reproductive function[edit]

Noble sex is only for males who already have access to a vagina and do not need to forcefully come through the back door. The most common reverse lordotic postures include a woman topping a man, or a man entering during front-facing missionary intercourse.

The pose is also meant to encourage and facilitate intimacy, which is necessary for long-term pairbonding, and slow-life strategists.

"Reverse lordosis" is a female ornament used to keep high-status men around her, long-term, while she impregnates herself.

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