Nightclubs (sexploit clubs)

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Nightclubs are one of the main venues which are supposedly designed as venues for courtship to occur. In practise, nightclubs are more likely to be venues wherein men are exploited. Off course, the MSM (mainstream media) will never frame it as such, due to an unwritten social rule that its Ok if male disposability occurs. In the western world, exploitation and being treated like one is expendable will only acquire social scorn if it is directed against women; on the other hand, if it is directed against men, especially low-tier men, it is deemed as a trivial matter. As such, a nightclub could more aptly be referred to as an exploitclub, or more accurately, a sexploitclub.

Nefarious activities[edit]

The following examples are some examples of how men get exploited at nightclubs:

  • Entry fee: Entry fees usually have different prices for men and women. Guess which gender typically pays more? You guessed it. Men. Sometimes, the pay disparity is so lopsided, it is ridiculous. For example, there are clubs wherein a man may pay up to double digit up to more than a dozen bills in entry fees, whereas the woman pays nothing. Absolutely nothing. That may have made sense in the Dust Bowl era when women typically had less financial clout than men, but why does it happen in the 21st century, in an era where women graduate at a phenomenally higher rate than men? Even more nefarious is the fact that some hosts, greeters and attendants have a dynamic and sporadic approach to price evaluations for visitors. For example, if other eyes are watching, they may force the women to pay (possibly half-price) so that the men don't feel like they're being bamboozled. But when nobody's watching, they're usually happy to let women go in free of charge hoping that a higher female ratio will lure men (i.e. cash) - although this is unlikely to happen at more established venues.
  • Anxiety-inducers: Most of these nightclubs (exploitclubs) go an extra mile to create anxiety-inducing wrecks out of men. They do this via cramped spacing, dark lighting, loud music as well as a purposefully eerie ornaments. This is coupled with often-times unreasonable bouncers to make this atmosphere complete.
  • Side-hustles: Adjacent schemers and connivers are well aware of the vulnerability of fuckstrated low-tier males and fully seek to take advantage of this situation. As such, you get underworld criminals who routinely show up at such places, possibly selling their illegal goods. Even local authority districts seek to insist on making money out of these thirsty, unfortunate and layless men by spreading parking warning signs in the areas these men frequent, but using purposefully ambiguous placement spots to ensure hefty fine revenues.
  • Decoy-women: These clubs often also have decoy women in order to give a false sense of an equal gender ration inside. Even regular frequenters may never know that these decoy women are actually employed, or partially-employed inside the club. That's because the regulars will leave before the staff leaves. In even more apt clubs, nobody will ever know that these women are decoys because these clubs may have a back entrance/exit wherein these women leave in cars with tinted windows. If the establishment owner is wittoldric and rapacious, they may at times even invite female relatives, such as a cousin, sister or daughter to act as decoy-women to give a false impression of gender parity.
  • Decoy-conveniences: Most of these clubs also have decoy conveniences inside, such as a pool table, smoking area, VIP lounge, and all sorts of other distractions to give the visitor the feel that if he paid, at least he did something. But these decoy appliances and conveniences are missing the point. men don't go to nightclubs to play pool. They go there to get women. Then there's music, even though you don't get to choose your music and although music is practically everywhere these days, even in your local supermarket. The only reason these devices are there is so that the men who went inside won't ask for a refund if they go home just as blueballed as when they went inside. Its meant to convey the shrouded message of "well, at least you did something in there".
  • Health-inhibitors: Have you ever asked yourself why almost every amenity sold at these night-clubs are meant to harm your health. They either sell alcohol, which damages your liver, or shisha pipes, which damages your lungs, or something else damaging. These men are in a sense being told that "we don't care if you're an average frustrated chump who dies a slow death". In fact, these health-inhibitors are the main source of revenue for these nightclubs. Its what pays the salary of the bouncers at the entrance, of the bartenders, cleaners and the owner. Which brings us back to the second bulletpoint above, wherein anxiety-inducers are used to make you feel inhibited to ensure you buy a drink.
  • Price-inflations: Practically everything you can get inside the club, you can get at a fraction of the price outside or even for free. For example, the food is often triple or more of the price at the nearest restaurant. The drinks may cost quadruple the price from the nearest shops.