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A nice guy is a guy who acts receptive, agreeable, socially acceptable, and pleasant around people, including women. Most people prefer to be friends with nice people before the 1st grade.

Unlike the asshole the nice guy is not a “selfish replicator”, in that he does not push other men less attractive than him down in the process of trying to be sexually intimate with women.

Women primarily sexually evaluate men through evaluations of LMS. Nice guys are often low in “S”, or “status”, because they are low in “L”, or “looks” (in the eyes of women).

Women Encourage Abusive Behaviour from Handsome Men[edit]


Most women genuinely prefer men to show high amounts of disregard and to be generally unpleasant during the initial stages of dating once men have passed their LMS test. While men instead prefer women to be receptive and agreeable during the initial stages of dating.[1] This gives men an incentive to act like jerks to mirror the, “confidence”, women like from handsome men once they start dating to avoid being ghosted and an incentive for women to deny the existence of genuinely nice guys.

In school, a relatively small amount of men do most of the bullying and receive most of the sexual attention from women interested in sex. Girls (including teenagers) prefer bullying men to men who are bullied, sexually, and bullies have more sexual partners than the bullied.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

One particular study states that, “a great deal of the evidence indicates two overlapping suites of psychological adaptations in women: those for securing long-term, cooperative social partnerships for rearing children and those for pursuing a dual-mating strategy in which women secure a social partner and engage in selective sexual affairs to gain access to [ domineering ] genes for offspring”.[8] The lack of loyalty with a dual-mating strategy begets the feminine imperative.

Translation: women (programmed to search for the certain genes) have tendencies to fuck the Chads first, and once they become completely used up and hit the wall, search for a betabux to attain financial security and actually raise children with.

The Disabled[edit]

You see a ton of nice guy behaviour if you've worked around paraplegic men and women, who have the NICEST personalities. Is it just a coincidence they are also ugly? No! They are compensating for their looks and often low income/status as well with extreme niceness.

“Fake Nice Guys”[edit]

Modern society revolves around treating each other nice, when that wasn't necessarily the case for most of human history. Women have evolved through natural selection to (mostly) prefer brutish men, and in modern times they find themselves in an evolutionary mismatch. That is, they need to spend lot of time interacting with men they detest sexually, just to be considered part of society. This hatred of average men builds up so much in their hearts that they begin asserting that, in fact, most nice guys are, "fake nice guys", and they frame all nice behaviour in dating as a ploy(!) to have sex with them. The crime being, the, "greatest crime of all": a nice guy having sex with a nice woman.

Nice guys, having to deal with women hating them all day, everyday, for most of their lives, sometimes become jaded and ask questions in public about why this is happening. The same women who hate nice guys will egg them on nice guys to create misogynistic literature in the form of Incel Wikis etc., however, they do not truly hate women.

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