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There have been quite a few academic and media outlets in just a year that analyze Incel Wiki. The academia is mostly from Europe and are dissertation level type stuff, and is very detailed. They tend to reference many, many different page in this wiki and provide a pseudo-feminist analysis to the site. Media, while falsely characterizing incel people as a violent group, went out of their way to say that Incel Wiki does not condone violence, and mainly used the wiki for term definition. Here is a running list.


  • UA Little Rock[1]
  • RWTH Aachen University[2]
  • Uppssala University[3]
  • Lunds Universitet[4]


  • New Statesman[5]
  • Buzzfeed[6]
  • DailyDot[7]
  • Gaystarnews[8]
  • Mako (Israeli outlet)[9][10]
  • (Indonesian outlet)[11]
  • Folha De S. Paulo (Brazilian outlet)[12]
  • Mel Magaine[13]
  • YourTango[14]


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