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A nearcel or incelish man, assuming he has an average income, constitutes a "3" on the decile scale. A nearcel is nearly incel and may experience lengthy dry spells or have to lower his standards to an extremely low level to obtain sex. The word was invented on the Wiki.[1]

The term incelish uses the suffix -ish, indicating that the trait of incel exists to a moderate degree. In the 1960s, most incelish men managed to date, marry or hook-up with a woman who was their looksmatch. In the 21st century, this is no longer the case. Even when trying out the juggernauting approach, incelish men still remain likely to get rejected.


An incelish person is someone who fits many of the criteria for being an incel, but isn't quite incel. The average incelish man simply has perpetually long dry spells without relationships or sex. The main difference between the incelish man and incel is that while incel people usually feel hopeless, the incelish feel that way to a much lesser extent. Although he is typically hopeless at dating, once in a while an average-looking woman may come along who settles for him, maybe due to being exhausted by the dating process, for pity or some other reason.

Incelish men are only one decile point away from being low-tier normies. Incelish people usually become aware of their incelish status when they notice noone is interested in dating them. Others realize it when they can't even enter the friendzone. When they get tired of slothing, they often resort to sexpatting (going abroad to get laid/married).

The main difference between incelish men and incel men is that whereas the latter may not have even touched a woman before, the former may sometimes reach first base (kissing), or if encountering a female pity fucker, may even get lucky and reach 2nd base (touching through clothes).

The other difference between incel people and incelish men is that whereas the former doesn't have any luck with women whatever he does; the latter may eventually manage to land a below-average to mediocre looking woman after engaging in two decades of looksmaxxing, wealthmaxxing etc. and by enacting the betabux role.

Although the terms incelish and nearcel are themselves genderless/gender-neutral, women who consider themselves as part of this demographic often prefer the female-specific term femcelish.



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