Natty Kadifa

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Natty Kadifa
Name: Kadifa, Natty
Birth: Unknown
Job: ?
Ethnicity: British?

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Natty Kadifa is a well known UK anti-feminist and manosphere figure. She is the leader of Women against feminism UK and is extremely active in the IRL MRA scene. She has stated that society should do more to help people pair up, and opposes neoliberalism. Her grandfather (S.E. Parker) was a prominent individualist anarchist philosopher. In 2019, she joined the Honey Badger Radio crew, appearing in their podcast and in video productions.

Natty Kadifa has joined the J4MB team.[1]

Natty Kadifa is also a Honey Badger.[2]



She has appeared on a number of what appear to be anti-immigration podcasts as well. She seems supportive of increasing the reproductive rate of the native UK population to mitigate what she sees as the harmful effects of Muslim immigration. Her political stance is libertarian and she opposes authoritarianism.

Personal Life[edit]

She appears to be married with children? She was ostracized while growing up in an all girls school.


She is also a member of the Incelistan forum, and helped bring more UK incels to the group.

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