Naama Katz

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Naama Katz
Name: Katz, Naama
Birth: January 11, 1985
Job: Freelancer
Ethnicity: Unknown

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Naama Katz[1] (now known as Naama Kates) is a true crime podcaster, freelancer, and former Los-Angeles actress.

She created the Twitter-centric podcast The Incel Project Podcast in cooperation with the, "true crime", media network: Crawlspace. Her podcast featured heavy, initial cooperation from the CVE organization Light Upon Light (which was being funded by the United States Department of Homeland Security[2]) and associated Light Upon Light interventionists.[3][4][5]

Her podcast has always been focused on blackpilled users who were at some point on Twitter.

Naama and incels[edit]

With regard to incels, Naama also wrote for Diego J. Galante's blog when Diego was chief editor.[6]

Shortly after a New York Times expose of the founders and the following death of a CO of Light Upon Light, Naama began advertising a personal fundraising page on the website Patreon, offering incel-podcast-related content for $5–10 a month.

Naama and Light Upon Light[edit]

Naama advertised Light Upon Light in the show summary text of many of her Crawlspace incel podcasts. She also brought on at least 4 Light Upon Light interventionists onto her incel podcast, usually without mentioning they were interventionists.


Naama also ran a 5 episode podcast called, “ESC-Hate”, for Light Upon Light.

Other work[edit]

Naama has also worked as a bartender and singer. Music albums featuring her voice include The Unexamined Life (2012), King for a day (2013), and Souled (2014).


At least 19 film productions contain Naama as an actress. One example is the popular 1998, PG-13, comedy-drama called, "Stepmom".


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