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Type: Forum
Founders: Robtical + unknown
Frontend Admins: Robtical, Personality Inkwell
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: teenage men / young adult men
State: active
Companies used: RUCENTER-SU, Epik's Bitmitigate
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown

NON-CUCKS UNITED (aka NCU) started in November 2020 as an splinter forum that initially claimed to have, "fairer moderation and a wider userbase against defeatism", and was marketed at, "low value non-cucked blackpillers".[1] NCU forum started in the Larsonosphere and was first adminned in late 2020 by a Larsonosphere forum admin named Robtical.[2] NCU has since become an satellite forum after the forum founder accepted a mod position on

Robtical was a and member. He also used to co-admin, and NCU picked up former users of Topics of NCU include white nationalism, ephebophilia, mental illness, misogyny, incel, other forums, societal collapse, oneitis, Nathan Larson, and politics. Child pornography is not allowed on the forum, but the site contains a lot of pro-pedophiles and pro-ephebophiles.

NCU is "super modded" by someone who claims he's a "convicted child molester" named, "Sparrow's Song"/"Mazdak X",[3] a pedophile vlogger named Oenz, a Lithuanian and proud hebephile/ephebophile named Napoleon de Geso,[4] a close friend of Nathan Larson named, "fukurou", and a capitalist troll named Micropenis29.


NCU was founded by both banned not non-banned members of who were distrustful of the intentions of SergeantIncel, his mod staff, and some of the prevailing sentiments on The forum claims to build unity and solidarity among all, "blackpilled", low status male communities and advocate for political and social reforms to better the quality of life for low status males. It's userbase claims to be opposed to the defeatism common on other sites and claims to promotes optimism through low status male solidarity.


While SergeantIncel was working with CVE organisations, multiple users were upset about this, and expressed their resentment on sites like and This reached a peak when an NCU user infiltrated an International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) livestream that featured SergeantIncel. In it, the NCU user accused "Sergeant" of being an Israeli intelligence operative, before being banned from the chat by the head of ICSVE.

During September/October 2021, the months of the Epik domain registrar data leak, founders/then-admins Sergeantincel and Master began mass PMing other incel forum admins, perhaps out of worry their identities were exposed, and Sergeantincel began offering concessions and mod positions on to hostile incel forum admins, including Robtical. Robtical and a few users of NON-CUCKS UNITED decided they were tired of warring with and gave into concessions, despite being hostile to both Sergeantincel and his forum since founding. This understandably caused drama amongst the users who thought they were joining an alternative to, some of whom set up a new, more radical forum as a result.

Forum composition[edit]

The forum claims to want, "blackpilled", low status males. NCU claims to not discriminate against members and potential members based on past sexual or romantic experience and considers the ascension of anyone who has suffered incel as a cause to celebrate.

Bragging is forbidden, as well as witch hunts, gatekeeping, attacking other members, and attempting to shut productive discourse by shouting "cope". The greatest transgression is what they called a, "cucked", mentality and beliefs, whether they be in the form of outright demoralization, neoliberalism, or personalitist oriented thought.

Blackpill Intersectionalism[edit]

The forum wants to collaborate with other communities in the Manosphere and Men's Rights groups.

What is a non-cuck?[edit]

"Non-cucks" as a term is undefined on the website. Presumably it means a masculine person who loves monogamy. On the now defunct, "how to use", page that used to be featured at the top of the site, all it did was hype up small YouTube-alternative and cryptocurrency associated websites such as, "".

The main logo of the site shows dislike of men who play a video game console called the, "Nintendo Switch", which they appear to have politicized.


Defeatism, witchunting, and child pornography are not allowed.

Admins and moderators[edit]


  • Robtical (admin) (creator)
  • Personalityinkwell (admin)
  • Messenger (admin)
  • Epillepsy (mod)
  • FallenPrime (mod)
  • JosefMengelecel (mod)
  • Sryyyyyyyyy (mod)
  • Edmund_Kemper (mod)
  • Messenger (mod)


  • Robtical (admin) (creator)
  • Personalityinkwell (admin)
  • Messenger (admin)
  • Fukurou (super mod)
  • Mazdak X (super mod)
  • Napoleon de Geso (super mod)
  • Moonman1488 (super mod)
  • Strydeorrope2030 (super mod)
  • Oenz (super mod)


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