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Type: Forum
Founders: Diego J. Galante
Lamarcus Small
Frontend Admins: Lamarcus Small
Server Admins: Lamarcus Small
Writers: Teenage and adult men
State: Semi-active
Companies used: Cloudflare
Successors: None
Prior URLs: None
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: claims to be a NEET forum. It was founded by two non-NEET wagies:

  1. Cerberus/Sergeantincel/Diego, who also founded and[1]
  2. Lamarcus Small

It is not associated with the subreddit /r/NEET, which bans incel talk.

Forum history[edit]

The forum was created in December 2020 and at that time had almost the exact same mod/admin structure of Cerberus/Sergeantincel/Diego left the forum in late 2021. Lamarcus currently runs it.

During late 2022, Lamarcus, after allegedly getting another full time job (according to himself on Twitter), made an effort to increase users of by pinning a thread on asking more users to use his NEET site.


Commons topics include

  1. social anxiety[2]
  2. addictions[3]
  3. generic alt-right incel content[4]

Mods and admins[edit]


  2. Kaz, a member registered 29 November 2020, made this thread 4 December 2020 after being active six days. They were subsequently banned at an unknown date after accruing 3,789 posts
  3. Abi No, a member registered 26 November 2020, made this thread 3 December 2020 after being registered for eight days. They were later banned at an unknown later date after accruing 781 posts.

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