Mumkey Jones

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Mumkey Jones
Mumkey wearing his infamous mask
Personal life
Born 1995
Job Vlogger/Unknown
Ideology Non-ideological
Temperament Angry/Outrage
Ethnicity White
Vlogging info
Channel Simmian Jimmy
Years active At least 11
Subscribers 175,000

Updated: 09/12/2022

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Mumkey Jones, (real name Tyler Millard[1]) is a vlogger who was banned from YouTube for alleged worship of Elliot Rodger, and is now back on YouTube with a channel called, "Simian Jimmy". The videos that were interpreted as Elliot Rodger worship were actually intended to be somewhat incelphobic, but YouTube couldn't distinguish.

Perhaps the most common theme of Mumkey's videos were school shootings, a prior obsession of his.

His first vlogging name was Mumkey because he initially wore monkey masks to hide his cystic acne from his audience.[2] As of 2022, almost half of his videos feature the former blackpill vlogger and incel named Eggman.


Mumkey's first videos covered topics such as: inceldom, anime, school shootings, mental illness, suicide, and politics, just to name a few. He took inspiration from 4chan, r/incels and r9k and was often disliked by more politically correct people who found his content extremely offensive. He was often known for making fun of everyone and everything.

Personal life[edit]

In his childhood, Mumkey was socially awkward. He attended film club in high school and made a few student films, often about controversial subjects. A few of his movies were too offensive for his teachers to handle.

Later in life, he had a girlfriend. Specifically, he was dating the female cartoonist named, "sheepover", who was a much smaller YouTuber. Sheepover made humorous cartoons about beeping noises,[3] sheep cannibalism,[4] and family conflict.[5] Later, sheepover and Mumkey broke up.

He also was friends with another YouTuber known as, "assburger", who helped make music for him.


Mumkey eventually began making content on YouTube, such as the politically incorrect series called the, God and Jesus Show.

Mumkey Anime Reviews[edit]

After he stopped making the God and Jesus Show series, Mumkey began the series, Mumkey Anime Reviews, in which he made parodied various, "animes". "Animes", is an inside joke referring to anything on his mind, from actual animes to Boku No Pico, Pokémon, Cory in The House, The Bible, depression, incels, and, "Top 5 Shootings Caused by The Dark Night Rises", to name just a few. Mumkey Anime Reviews became extremely popular and he ended up making 50 entire episodes before ending the series with the suicide of his main character.

Mumkey Stops a School Shooting video[edit]

One of Mumkey's most popular videos was, "Mumkey Jones Stops a School Shooting", in which he parodied edgy atheists, Christianity, bad parenting, and... school shootings, a recurrent topic of his work.

Another notable video series by Mumkey includes Wheel of Punishment and its sequels.

Elliot Rodger content[edit]

Mumkey read Elliot Rodger's manifesto, "My Twisted World" as an audiobook for Youtube.


Mumkey is friends with YouTubers such as: "Rusty Cage", "Emp-Lemon", and "Internet Historian". His new YouTube channel is significantly less popular than the initial one he made. To this day, he has a small cult-following in various, "edgy", online communities.

Other media[edit]

Mumkey has also made various non-YouTube media, such as the book, "Triflers". The, "Triflers", book revolved around kids planning to initiate a school shooting. Mumkey also created numerous, "survival guides", that detailed surviving Sharia Law, communism, capitalism and his love with various characters.


Mumkey also occasionally holds events such as the, "Depression Chamber", where he reads stories from (often anonymous) people. The subject matter delves into extremely controversial content such as suicide attempts, cheating, and loneliness.

Those inspired by Mumkey[edit]

Mumkey's edgy content has inspired other people to make similar content, such as Jreg. They've both created content obsessing over incels. One of Jreg's editors had entered the Mumkey Jones Film Festival.

Another example of Mumkey inspired content, is the channel called, Synthcool, which has a similar sense of humor.


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