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Monogamy is a relationship pattern defined by one man long-term pairbonding with one woman.


Most historical monogamous societies have lower male reproductive skew than most historical polygynous societies,[1] and presumably higher male reproductive skew than polyandrous societies.


Some scholars hypothesize that monogamy evolved as a response to partner scarcity,[2] while other hypothesize pre-civilizational humans always had large amounts of monogamous partners, particularly foragers.


Although most societies today sanction polygyny, monogamy is the most common relationship pattern seen within any group cross-culturally today.[3]


Monogamy arguably creates incels during periods of WGTOW or male population decline, and has caused some incels and Chinese economists to look to alternative mating schemes, such as polyandry and/or polygynandry.

Monogamy only for certain people[edit]

An objective of marriage of to provide women to poor men according to Charles Fourier

Charles Fourier once wrote that an objective of marriage was to give women to poor men, but he also implied that marriage is bankrupt due to dead bedrooms, and suggested that marriage only works for "monotonous and methodical countries", such as Germany, and does not work in France, which he stated, "Has the best cuckolds in the world".[4]

The Germans make a great population for monogamy according to Charles Fourier

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