Molly Wertheimer

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Molly Wertheimer is a producer and documentarian for Vice Media, who at some point wanted to make an incel documentary that was longer than the one that featured Joey.

Failed incel documentary attempt[edit]

She spent a while in one of the Incel Wiki chatrooms and went looking for various, "Vice", activity that would be good for her outlet, but had trouble finding much. She also had trouble finding anyone willing to be on camera. At some point, a chat room admin mentioned the BBC Three documentary, (now called BBC Three Documentary – “Inside the Secret World of Incels”) was stressful enough, and there wasn't much need for more stress.

Anti-Semitism and blackpiller huntdown[edit]

The documentarian was told to lookout for various pranks which were common in the incel communities at the time, but she was never wrapped up in any. At some point, she became disgusted with the anti-Semitism a chatroom user named Blackpill101 was displaying, even after he was banned from the chatroom. Molly appears to be part-Jewish herself. She went following him looking for more extreme incel chatrooms with the impression she might have been around some people whitewashing the scene. Still she didn't find much that she could use for Vice Media.

Other docs[edit]

Near the end of her stay in the Incel Wiki chatroom, someone linked her a video by Angela Nagle explaining why some incels and other anti-feminists become radicalized. Not long afterwards, and due to other reasons, she released a short for Vice Media containing various people debating the merits of modern feminism called, "Conservatives and Progressives Debate Feminism", shown here:

End of documentary attempt[edit]

The Incel Wiki admin left a nervous phone message to her explaining her reluctance to participate in more media coverage as at the time he felt betrayed and manipulated by the BBC crew, thinking they were trying to portray everyone as narcissistic Elliot Rodger clones, and was not feeling well. Molly kindly offered some help in covering incel news in exchange for help she had been given, but nothing materialized.

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