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Moid, short for male humanoid organism, is a derogatory term used sometimes by femcels and other female members of the incelosphere, or alternatively feminists either towards, or against males. Alternatively used by self-satirizing male incel people alongside the term “femoid”. Another term they use is mascoid, short for masculine humanoid organism. However some femcels use the term in a non-derogatory way, as a means to differentiate the term men from women, so as to accentuate the differences between the sexes by way of lexicography. Male reactions to the term vary from being offended to finding it amusing; however, there is disagreement on whether the term moid is more offensive than the other anti-male term wurstie. Among femcels, it seems that the terms wurstie and moid are used interchangeably.

The term wurstie seems to be a carefully chosen term as bratwurst is one of the smaller varieties of German sausages, and thereby seems to be ammo for shaming men with smaller penises. The wurst sausage is also known for having a texture which is somewhat malleable, and as such, the insult is also meant to imply that the male it is directed at can only achieve a semi-erect boner, or perhaps that he's suffering from the effects of penopause. The other term moid can also be offensive as it is a blend of “male” and “android”, and as such seems to be an androphobic insult which implies that males are mechanic in nature. The former is a direct comeback to the term “roastie”, and the latter a comeback to the term “foid”.

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